Ok, So That Didn't Go So Well

Somewhere on some clever blog or other, I read about "Binge and Purge." Which means that when you succumb to one too many of those little wrappered foods, you gather them all up and PURGE. I gave them to my son to hide. I was going to keep the "Monster Teeth" around to convey to my kids the all-important idea that candy is not this thrilling forbidden substance. They were doing fine; me, not so hot. So now it's all disappeared and unlike my husband, my son's a good hider.

I ended up coming down a couple of pounds because my (fairly minor) candy spree was offset by a tummy ache. Don't do this:

1. Go to Zumba, rock out, leap, jump and whoop it up.
2. Come home starving.
3. Decide to stop at store for bacon because that would be delicious.
4. Buy bananas that are almost ripe and eat one.
5. Followed by four slices of bacon.
6. Spend the afternoon and evening in pain, but still hungry, and trying to soothe the stomach with candy corn. Which doesn't work, oddly enough.

The upshot was I was back down to 173 this morning but at a cost. All cookies and cupcakes are expunged, and the candy's gone except a little bit that got missed which I can safely throw out.

I want to take a minute for a Public Service Announcement, directed specifically to myself: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are exactly three days out of the next two months. Six if you give yourself a day for preparing awesome food. So that's 6 days out of 60-- if the other 54 is spend doing good things, then there's no reason I can't show a loss on January 1. I'm only 2 pounds from my 10% Hot 100 goal, which equals a calorie deficit of 129 calories a day over 54 days. Let's hope I can make that! Gratz to South Beach Steve for coming up with this well-timed challenge. It helps to have a focus during this delightful but treacherous part of the year.


  1. Thanks for sharing the "binge and purge." I should have done that with the candy. I DID do that with cake a few months ago: I was picking at it and picking at it and something just snapped in my head, "ENOUGH!" I ran it outside and purged it into the dog-waste container. Very liberating. I need to develop more moments like that.

    Still out of it...thanks for asking :)

  2. You can so totally do this. I love how you put it, there are so few of these holidays in the next three months, but all too often we let them dominate the whole last quarter of the year.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  3. Great post! Yes, we Hot-100'ers will all see a loss on January 1st! Woo Hoo!!

  4. mmmm i love almost ripe bananas, so they they snap if you break them!! YUMMO

  5. You are right. They ARE only 3 days. Around here it ends up being a 3 week indulge-fest. LOL!

  6. Well, sounds like you did some great damage control. It would be SO easy to just give in and keep eating the candy until it was gone--having your son hide it was inspired!

    And great point about the actual holidays being only 3 days of the holiday season!


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