Hot 100 Update

First, the Confessor costume I (mostly) made ===>
Get a load of the Converse.

For my big goal, I think I'm on track. I was 173 earlier in the week although there seems to have been a Halloween bounce to 175. (Don't you love the way I say that in the third person, as if I had nothing to do with it?) So I'm either 2 or 4 pounds away from my 10% which is my ultimate Hot 100 goal for January.

Halloween is rough. Our party coincided with Cheat Day. I ended up eating a lot and I realized it was because I had to (or thought I had to) eat quickly rather than enjoy special foods rejoicing over every bite. I feel my success so far has been mainly shifting what I eat (away from bread, sugar, and cheese, toward protein/vegetables/ fruits) but I have to say there was a definite psychology of eating piece at play yesterday. If I don't savor my treats, they don't register. I know that's kind of Duh and obvious, but sometimes you just have to experience the obvious for yourself.

I've only lost 20 pounds, but I am going to click my heels a little bit because the small satisfactions feel so nice. Today's pleasure: buying a pair of regular size L pajamas and having them fit properly. I don't need different sizes for top and bottom anymore: I'm not perilously squeezing out of the largest size, putting them in a drawer, and assuring the giver that "it's a little too warm for them yet."

FBS was 102 this morning which is not bad considering yesterday was 98% refined carbohydrates and 2% mummy dog.

My Hot One hundred goals for this week are:

1. Getting all cookies and cupcakes out of the house by tomorrow. I can stop at one or two pieces of candy corn (I think) but homemade butter cookies with all butter icing? Not so much.

2. Zumba or walk at least twice, 5-factor at least 3 times.

I am stocked with canned seltzer and plums (my secret weapons). Shouldn't be too crazy this week if I don't let it get that way, so let's see if I can ditch another pound. ("Look! What's that? Oooh, I think it's a stick! Go check it out! Fetch!")


  1. That "slow down and enjoy it" component was a big hurdle for me, too, but I think I've made tremendous strides with it. Every once in a while, I'll motor through a meal, but these days I find myself slowing down more and really questioning why I'm eating as much as what I'm eating. When I rule out stress eating, entertainment eating and boredom eating, I find myself consuming much, much less.

  2. The converse shoes go well with the costume! :-)

    Halloween is always a tough holiday. From what I have seen, people either really blow it, or they don't cheat a bit. As far as the candy goes, I didn't cheat a bit. I know if I ever let that happen, I would consume way too large amounts of that stuff in way too short of a time. Isn't that kind of sad? I have never learned the art of slowing down and enjoying it yet. I really, really need to work on that.

  3. Neat costume and I love the converse. :)

    Sounds like you're doing great! Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi, Larkspur! I'm enjoying your blog and am finding it both helpful and reassuring that I'm not alone. Thanks for visiting me. BTw...I love monster teeth.

  5. Love the costume! And the shoes. :)

    Having tried on multiple occasions to lose 20 pounds, I'm impressed that you've come this far. It's no small accomplishment!


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