I Almost Forgot

My Thankful List

my little one's freckles and how sweet she feels when I hold her
my middle one's competence and beauty
my oldest one's gallantry and his crooked sense of humor
seltzer in cans
my husband's body
his kindness
his handmade furniture
his working hard to provide so I can take care of the kids
boxwood garlands
the leafy, the viney, the twiggy
my dad
relativity explained on a napkin
the young
the old
the harried middle-aged (that would be me)
my sunroof (it's a 2nd hand Civic, but still)
Danish blue cheese
Arizona, even though I don't live there anymore
chickens, because I'm gonna have some one day
the Appalachian Trail
WL blogs
my beautiful mother, whom I had for 24 wonderful years
the essential goodness in human nature
believing in same


  1. There is a lot to be thankful for here.

  2. Beautiful list! I am glad you liked the pictures from your get together!

  3. I was enjoying the list. Then I came across the part about "the harried middle aged (that would be me)"...{pondering}...we're about the same age...I'm middle-aged?...oh, yeah...I guess I am.

    I'm thankful for my years of experience that is shaping me(except for the physically out-of-shaping me) and hope to wisely use the next 41.

    Hey! I was born and raised in AZ, 28 yrs.

    Very nice list.

  4. Sorry, Gina! You're only as middle-aged as you feel, and let me tell you, after my holiday, I was feelin' it :)

  5. Nice list - lots to be thankful for.

  6. Hello my friend. There is an award waiting for you over at my blog. xox


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