I Get a Star

I am in a four day stretch where I am working Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, on call, long hours, all that jazz. Anyway, end of February (and a much lighter schedule) is on its way. I had an hour between basketball pickup and a patient visit. DH made dinner while I actually worked out at home, which (I confess it) only took 25 minutes, and felt really good, and left me feeling happy with myself. Will I learn from this experience? Let's hope!

Time for the Outspoken Personal Opinion of the Day, which is as follows: lighter fare at fast food restaurants rocks. I know some of the hard-core folks hate it, as it's high in sodium and weird ingredients and masquerading as health food. Hard-Core Folks (you know who you are), don't lose sight of the fact that the world consists at least partly of the harried and disorganized (believe me, we know who we are). Even a few years ago, the best you could do in a pinch was a grilled white flour snack wrap or a McDonald's ice cream cone, maybe a Pintos and Cheese at Taco Bell minus the cheese. Now you can get Starbuck's oatmeal or Vivanno smoothie, or even an eggwhite sandwich at Dunkin Donuts (though it seems like good policy generally to steer clear of Dunkin Donuts. Egg white sandwich... chocolate munchkin... hmmm.)*

I know there are those of you who never forget to pack lunch, or run out of salad mix, or have to divide your day into 15 minute increments with "lunch" happening behind the wheel of your car, perhaps with mustard dripping onto your scrubs. I salute you! Sadly, I am not that person. I think Starbuck's oatmeal is genius, and I am pathetically grateful when Sheetz has hard boiled eggs or fruit for sale in a sea of chips and buns and candy. Rather than spurning these attempts, I'm inclined to cheer and beg for more.

I really believe that the major factor lacking in the average American diet is time. Many of us are fat not so much because we're greedy or careless or morally lacking, but because there is so little time, energy, or attention available for nourishing food and rewarding exercise. If we can't overhaul our frenetic culture, at least we can shape some of the environmental factors making us fat.

*In the interest of full disclosure, today's diet included 2 cheese sticks from Sheetz and a Starbuck's oatmeal with all the trimmings except the nuts because I can't believe those little packets are 100 calories, can you? Thank you. This blog is not endorsed by Starbucks. Definitely not Dunkin Donuts.


  1. I think we should do the best we can in the time and with the amount of energy that you have. I personally don't have the energy, money, or taste buds to do the whole clean food thing, but that's not to say that it doesn't rock for someone else.

  2. Cracking up over here.... and, um, I LOVE the fresco foods at Taco Bell. They are great in a pinch. I'm with you on this opinion. :)

    Have a great weekend...even with your busy schedule.

  3. I've tried hard to not eat in restaurants for a while...but there are definitely good choices out there for fast food.

    What I try to do now is make enough food at dinners so that I will have another lunch or dinner (or more) from the meal. Then, when I am in a total crazy hurry like I was most of this week...I can just grab some turkey and carrots from the fridge and be on my way. The key is having the good stuff in there..and trying to plan ahead so that when you, say, grill chicken...you do an extra pound for salads and lunches on the go for the next day or two.

    I always forget about hard boiled eggs. My kids like them, too...! I need to boil some up..will add extra eggs to my list this week.

  4. I have no brain power left after this week to leave an insightful comment. I hear ya. :]

  5. I'm grateful for the healthier choices at cafes and fast food places but I think where people tend to fall down is when they have the option for healthier fare and they get complacent and choose something unhealthy or supplement with something unhealthy. Like getting the oatmeal and then a full-fat sweet coffee with syrup etc. But I think we definitely need more of the healthier options than the unhealthy.

    I'm a big fan of leftovers and pre-prepared stuff like hardboiled eggs and pre-chopped veggies when I have a moment. Makes it easier for me to make healthy choices when I'm pressed for time.

  6. Amen! I'd have been sunk without Subway and Jason's Deli. :) Like Gemfit said, where most folks lose their way is in seeing the healthier (or less gross, anyway) options and then choosing something else. I have a friend who swears she "can't" not order a Quarter Pounder with Cheese. I've tried to convince her it's not in her DNA, that she could easily open her mouth and order the grilled chicken salad, but she says otherwise. So she orders the QP and super fries. More of her DNA at work, I guess. :)

  7. Even though I rarely take advantage of it (I work part time so I not quite as harried as most), I do appreciate the lighter options at fast food restaurants as well! I especially love McDonalds apple slices in lieu of french fries. It's the little things, you know? :)

  8. Sometimes, there aren't many healthy options and you have to make the best of your choices! I'm working towards avoiding those situations as much as possible when I start work, but I know I'll fail sometimes.

  9. oh, I've said this before, but those yogurt parfaits at McDonalds are DIVINE I tell you! Simply divine. And I don't have the granola, so it's only 100 calories. Love them.

    Hey, I work full time and have a husband, and two kids who are involved in lots of stuff which means lots of running around and hectic days. And I don't think it's fair to deny them and say they can never have Mickey dees again because I'M not...so yes, we go. And I get a grilled snack wrap with no cheese or dressing and a parfait. And I'm still losing weight.

    I love this post, Right on sister!

  10. I'm glad that you got a star; it sounds like you definitely deserve it.

    But where is it?

    Did you leave it on Hollywood Blvd? ;)

  11. laughing a merry...and realizing that should I get aforementioned star Id wear it on my forehead.

    Im with you on this post entirely.

    My life right now is simply comprised of making the BEST CHOICES I CAN given my options while chasing a 4 year old.

  12. Well, yeah, the trick is ORDERING it instead of the delicious french fries!

    Seriously, I agree that anything the corporate food behemoths can do to help people make better food choices is in their "plus" column.


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