Perfect 10 Update

For the next four weeks:

Behind! Inadequate! Not meeting my goals!*

But that's okay, because I just have to hang on to February 22, and then I can cut my hours back and return to my regularly scheduled life as per the discussion with my very nice boss.

I was at Zumba yesterday (Zumba, how I've missed you! Mwah!) Two amusing things:

1. We did the Jewish wedding dance. Really. To Havanagila (sp) which got faster and faster and faster-- quite aerobic. It would have been even better with actual chairs and an actual bride and groom, but we made do.

2. My teacher pointed at me and said "Center!" for the inner ring of the dance. I wasn't completely sure she meant me and I didn't fancy the more conspicuous spot on the floor, so I just hung back and did my thing. And then I thought, "Oh my gosh, I didn't obey my Zumba teacher. She'll feel ineffective! I did it wrong. Should I say something after class?" And that, my dears, is what the last three weeks has done to me... I am in a perpetual state of late and wrong. I can't Zumba without agonizing.

This weekend I painted my bathroom. (There's a point to this, bear with me.) I liked a paint called Wicker Mat. But I wanted to be sure, so I painted 12 other samples up there before I finally went with-- wait for it--Wicker Mat. Before I agreed to increase my hours, I thought maybe it wasn't such a good idea. Which it wasn't. Huh!

On a brighter note, my weight's more or less stable and my 12s have not exploded or anything. I was 172 as of Friday. I have a theory to posit-- would be interested in feedback. My theory is you can teach your body to stay slimmer. I'm not saying slim, necessarily, but even now with things crazy, my eating's been pretty normal. I'm not diving headfirst into the junk, I mostly don't think about food unless I'm hungry, I am okay with eating Real Food most of the time. I think I've improved my glucose metabolism so I'm not getting that gotta-have-carbs-now kind of hunger, so typical of those of us who have glucose problems. I've noticed a couple of other bloggers remarking on the same thing-- Cranky Fitness and Foodie McBody come to mind. That maintaining takes thought, but it's not that hard. I find that cheerful, don't you?

The blogosphere is sliding along without me. Fit by 41/Maybe 42 went skating! 266 is going to be 146 before I get back to it (Go, 266! Rah!) About 19000 years ago, blogtime, Chubba Momma awarded me a lovely bloggie award. Thank you, Chubba Momma!

I will have to be on Blog Lite for the next four weeks. But I will still be declaiming bravely even if every other member of the blogosphere attains a BMI of 22.5 and I am the only overweight person left on the internet. Slow but persistent, that's me.

Have a great week, everybody! May we all meet up a little stronger and little healthier on the other side.

*I guess I flunked out of Perfect Ten. But I'll still be following along at home, okay?


  1. lol Blog-Lite is a great idea. I'm lightening up a little myself.

    I bet you CAN teach your body to stay slimmer especially if the loss was gradual. Makes sense to me. Gradual loss probably reflects stable changes. That's what I'm shooting for myself. (If I can teach my body to stay fatter, I don't see why I can't teach it to stay slimmer)!

    Counting down to the 22nd! (and then your MIL comes to visit indefinitely ... just kidding ... sorry, I thought it was funny) :-/

  2. Persistance is the key, so since you've got that down we all know you will meet each of your goals in time!

    Thanks for the shout out... You are too sweet!

  3. Tortoise and the hare....tortoise and the hare. :)

  4. It sounds like you have had some crazy busy hours! At least the end is in sight though. Speaking of The Perfect 10, I don't know that it is possible to flunk out as long as you keep going. Are you still in the running for the prize? Not according to the rules, but you know what? The greater prize is what you will do for yourself in the end.

    By the way, while you were out someone did a post about "set points", which goes right along with your thoughts on teaching yourself to be a new weight. I wish I could remember who that was. If I do, I'll come back and let you know.

  5. I'm glad your work hours are going to become more sane again!

    I can't believe you did a dozen paint samples!! My husband and I should probably learn a lesson from it, though. We are terrible about actually painting sections of wall and living with them before painting a whole room.

  6. Sometimes it's all we can do to lash ourselves to the nearest post and hang on for dear life until the storm passes.

    I agree that eating "right" becomes somewhat instinctive. There are still temptations, and it's nice to be able to indulge in them a little bit more frequently than when in loss mode. But most of the time it's just business as usual. Kind of neat how that worked out. :)

    Hang in there...and maybe trust those instincts a little more! :)

  7. I've had the wicker mat paint chip on my wall for a YEAR. Hope you have better luck than I have had in getting it actually painted on the walls!

  8. The set points comments that Steve spoke about were on Jody's blog here:

    and here:

    Glad you're still hanging in there and that you're finding maintaining to not be so difficult. That is enlightening!

  9. Hi, thanks stopping by my blog. Don't be a stranger.

    Glad to hear that you are chugging along. Remember, it's not a race, it's a lifelong process.

  10. You look fabulous in your size 12s!!

    Just out of curiosity what is Zumba exactly? I have heard of it and I know that it is a dance class. But what kind of dancing do you do in Zumba?

    Great blog! Congrats on your successes so far!! :)


  11. Zumba! (you HAVE to use the punctuation :)) is a mix of latin, belly dance, street-- kinda all mixed up in a bag. It is a bit pg13 because of all the hip rotation that goes on but my gosh is it great for your core and back. It chews a lot of calories and it's (mostly) fun. Try it!

  12. Wonderful! It really is a journey towards fitness and no matter what path you take, as long as it is taking you towards, rather than away from your goals, that is what is important.


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