Wind It Up

We had this awesome, rowdy woman in Zumba today-- whooping and hollerin' and generally conveying a party atmosphere. I am constitutionally incapable of that sort of thing unless drunk which has not happened in this century, so I appreciate it in others.

I spent some of my brain power trying to learn new steps and also trying to disentangle the complicated relationships in one of the songs... So if the singer is a she, and she's talking about a you and a he, and the he is obviously male, that suggests the you is female, which means this is more advanced than I would have expected for the YMCA, or I have an incorrect understanding of what they mean by "Wind It Up"...

In today's news, there is a story about very tight glucose control possibly not being the best from a mortality standpoint. Interesting stuff. There was a suggestion of this in an earlier, cardiac-related study-- they found controlling people to a T with insulin is not actually such a great idea. I find in practice that once you get past the metformin stage, people do sometimes get crashing lows which result in ambulance visits and hospital stays. One of the reasons I'm trying to hold off the diagnosis as long as I can.

Of course any weight loss/fitness blog is not complete without a photograph of paint colors and curtain fabric, so I bring you:

1. Wicker Mat

2. "Rustic Toile" which I sewed in a frenzy. Actually 3/4 of these are sewn and the other one is just stuck up there. Kinda symbolic, eh?


  1. Pretty rooms! I love the beadboard in the bathroom, and your bedroom looks so calm. The toile curtains are lovely!

  2. *Gasp!* We're twins! I'm adding just that sort of beadboard in one of my bathrooms! If you don't mind, I'm going to use your photo to make sure that the carpenter is on the same page with me on the ledge trim. He keeps calling it a shelf, and while it could be used to hold something small, I don't want to be able to store books on there. :)

    Thanks for the info on the glucose. I need to explore that for my parents.

  3. Very nice! Wicker Mat worked out well.

    Glad you got to Zumba.

  4. I LOVE the colors of paint and linens. Very nice! Rooms that pretty make me never want to leave them.. :)

    Zumba always sounds interesting. Glad you have fun!

    Have a good weekend!

  5. What a lovely bathroom!! The full bath in our current rental is so tiny and dark and ugly that I long for a pretty, bright, breezy one like yours. Even just the picture makes me feel better.

  6. I wasn't the gal whooping it up in zumba, but I hope I will be one day! And you've convinced me on wicker mat. We're going to go beyond paint chips and paint a sample.


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