In the Blatantly Obvious Department

Since I've been working (a little less frantic this week, thanks), I've been feeling richer. Yesterday I bought a completely non-necessary decorating book and today I got a few things at $5 Below for my valiant, stressed out middle daughter who is managing 8th grade and Algebra 2 and the basketball season. Oh, and I bought her some rose shaped bath petals on sale at Pier One. And some for me. And some bath fizzers for my 8 year old. Leaving out the usual fountain drinks and this morning's latte.

I didn't go out and buy a Jag or a timeshare or a new dining room set, but it adds up, you know. Just like yesterday with the two peanut butter bears plus the mini candy cane and the York patty and the two squares of chocolate... One or two of those is fine, but add them all up and you've undone a lot of the good work accomplished in Zumba.

For a few days I hope to track food AND spending. I bought (!) a little notebook and I'm tracking $$ on one side and food on the other. Should be enlightening.

Edited to add, I just found this "before" picture of myself-- fall of '08 sometime, I think. And I look at it and think Really? Wow! What a very large bottom! Funkadelic! I'm not self-hating about it-- I was happy then, I'm happy now. But I admit I am a shade happier that I don't have the buffalo hump anymore. I think my poor bod was trying to find the most tactful places possible to store the fat, but it finally had to give up and start stowing it on my shoulders and yet more in my can... perhaps hoping I wouldn't notice it there. The title says it all: I never quite registered the silhouette you see here. Somehow it didn't seem real to me. Those staring red numbers on the glucometer were a lot more persuasive.


  1. Honey, you look marvelous. Of course, the Buffalo Hump wasn't your best look {still laughing at that comment}, but you've moved on.

    Congratulations. Sometimes just staying on the horse is a challenge, but you'll do it. Forgive your candy demons. One day does not ruin a diet.

  2. Actually, you look pretty good! (The full-face tattoo was a bit of a shock.:))

    I do the same thing with my little notebook! I do much better at tracking food than spending, though. I tuck my receipts in the notebook, but then don't go back and log them in. Oh well.

  3. I agree with Cammy, I think you looked pretty good. That being said, I can certainly see a difference in the much slimmer, more toned Larkspur!

    BTW, have you considered GIMP instead of photoshop? It is free and does a pretty darn good job.

  4. I don't think it's too bad, but congrats on getting slimmer and more toned. I swear that picture looks so much like me in the beginning too!
    Isn't it funny how we see ourselves all day every day, but never really SEE ourselves? I look at pictures now and can't even remember looking like that, but I DID for a really long time!

  5. Tracking your spending (as with food intake) can do wonders for your awareness. I think you looked great in your before pic, but you can definitely see how much work you've put in since then, slimming and toning and overall getting HEALTHIER. Way to go!

  6. Good analogy regarding spending money and calories...for me, when I am in control of one the other usually follows.

  7. "...and you've undone a lot of the good work accomplished in Zumba."

    Your body still benefited from the good work you've done.

    Nice quilt and beadboard!

  8. The buffalo hump style is so 2008! But I love that you were *happy* then. And now. that matters most.

  9. I think you looked pretty good too, but your tones self looks great. I can relate to the spending, and as I've just purchased a very handsome notebook for food tracking, perhaps I'll bootleg your idea and track the $ too. I've noticed that when my food is clean and controlled, my spending gets worse. Big shock, huh?

  10. I don't think the before picture is that bad!

    Heh...I haven't even gotten a paycheck yet, but I bought myself a spiffy planner (my job is going to involve lots of meetings) and a new bag to accomodate it and other stuff I'll be hauling around.

  11. your photoshop comment over your face cracks me up! i'm nearing my goal in my weightloss as well. i don't talk about it in my blog but you can check it out anyway if you like:


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