Perfect 10

Happy New Year's, all!

Thank you so much for the wisdom and support in the comments to my last post. It means a lot to be affirmed in my attempts at decent behavior :) T minus 5 days, if I were, I dunno, keeping track for some reason.

I am briefly posting to jump on South Beach Steve's cool new challenge. Here's my goals for the next ten weeks:

1. Exercise at least three hours a week, including 2 weight training sessions (did one last night but I have been slide-y about that).

2. Drink three cups of tea a day (hoping to crowd out diet soda). I have this fabulous plug-in teapot which my DH got me for Christmas. Boils water in a couple of minutes, very appealing and easy to use.

3. Weigh in at 167. I would love to shoot for 164 (a normal BMI) but thanks to my holiday poundage, that's 8 pounds away and I don't think that's reasonable given assorted variables including a prominent streak of wimpiness in my makeup.

4. Attitude alignment. This is important. I keep telling everyone how worried I am about starting my half-time job this Monday. I am scared I will stop exercising, stop writing, stop having fun, stop being nice to my kids and husband, basically stop everything except working and worrying. I think a big piece of what I fear is failure (failing on the job, failing my family, failing myself in terms of good eating and exercise). I need to remind myself the job is not too hard for me and worth doing, and if for some reason it turns out not to be, it is not the end of the world, there are other options.

I think I forgot my official Hot 100 windup-- I was 1 pound short of my 7 pound goal (cordial cherries!) but I'm glad I was able to keep focus during a three month period crossed with tripwires (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's). Arrived on the other side intact and six pounds lighter. Whew!


  1. These are great goals. I am glad you joined the perfect ten challenge. I am looking forward to a great year!

  2. Good for you...blame the one pound on

  3. I usually have tons of anxiety when there are changes in my life. A lot of it stems from fear and guilt. (No advice to share...just feeling your pain).

    Good job keeping focused. Great way to end last year.

  4. The unknown always seems to occupy our minds, doesn't it? I bet you will fall into the groove nicely. Great goals and a great update. Now off to a Perfect 10!

  5. Change is often scary. I've finally uncovered within myself a fear that's larger than fear of failure: fear of not trying. It just feels so great to try things, so great that when I land face first (they're not ALL great ideas, after all), the landing is cushier. :)

    Stay focused and keep trying...and aim for cushy falls here and there. :)

  6. Hi, visiting for the first time. Fear really does hold us back doesn't it? Facing your fears and succeeding is a really good feeling. Maybe you can add a couple things to your list that involve facing a few of your fears of failure. You've already had so much success. Try to remember your successes when you are feeling fearful. You can do it.

  7. Feeling your pain (and anxiety) over the new job. You'll do fine - and if you don't, you'll go on to the next thing. You've already accomplished a lot so maybe you can build on that foundation.

  8. You made it through the holiday season six pounds lighter!! Great !!

    Also really limiting myself on even diet soda now, glad I'm not the only one. :)

    Hang in day at a time, one hour at a time..that's all you need to worry about. :)

  9. I love electric tea pots -- they are so efficient!

    I completely hear you about starting the new job. As you know, I'm also starting a new one soon. Full time after three years of being home with The Small One. Yikes! I have worried aloud a few times about feeling unsure about my ability to do the job well and The Husband just keeps telling me I can do it.

    I'm sure you can do your job well and keep up with all the things that are most important to you!

  10. Thank you all. It helps to have your support.

    Jane, good luck to us both! I'll be checking in how it goes!

    Cammy, you always have something wise and useful to offer. I'm listening. Really.


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