Review: Zumba Toning

OK, so it was Zumba on the schedule, but I found it that Wednesday 1200 is now Zumba TONING, a six week session you have to sign up for and pay a fee. For five bucks they let me in (duly recorded on spending log). After all I was dressed and there and I didn't have my Ipod, and exercising without my ipod is what I believe the French refer to as peddling through sauerkraut.

Zumba toning is characterized by these little one pound weights that make cheerful noises-- basically weighted maracas. Whee! It wasn't, for me, all that fun-- slower and less dancey and more balance-y, plus I smacked myself a couple times with my maracas. It didn't seem all that terribly hard (one up for my intermittent high-rep weight work) until it was over, and I realized I was pretty well trashed. And hungry. I'd been congratulating myself on my nutty, fruity, rough-cut-oat breakfast with bacon, which was sticking valiantly to my ribs. After Zumba toning I was ready to eat my maracas.

Tracking eating and spending which is enlightening, to say the least. I am doing better with cutting down on the chocolate (stuff is a staff of life, but it is PACKED WITH CALORIES. PACKED. STUFFED. LADEN.) I will defer spending discussion to another post, or possibly another blog, but that's enlightening too. One expense I am okay with is the donation I made to the Red Cross.

Just as a reminder to self, I've done one weight workout and two zumba, so I'm at 2.5 hours for the week.


  1. Peddling through sauerkraut? I think I've had weeks like that!

    Have a great day.

  2. Calorie tracking is enlightening. Although I didn't count calories often, there were certain foods that I cut way back on just because I knew they were nutritionally small and calorie dense.

    Great job!

  3. Ohhhh, the way you describe the toning class makes it seem more in line with what I like to do. I'm not a dancin' kinda gal, so Zumba hadn't been much of an attraction. But maraca weights and balancing are much more appealing.:)

    You know it's the sign of a good workout when you're *starving* afterward. Or at least, that's how it works for me.

  4. I can imagine myself in a twisted up mess during Zumba. Add maracas and I would just make noise while I twisted and flailed about.

    Good job on the amount of activity this week. WOW!!

  5. You are so funny! Love all the maracas references! I don't think I would like Zumba as I have no sense of rhythm and would feel like more of a fool than usual in that class. Good on ya for going ahead with the class since you were dressed and all!

  6. Hey, how about that, I attended my first Zumba class last night. It wasn't the toning one though with the maracas. By the way you describe that version, I might like it better since it's slower and less dancey. Good on you for going for it!

  7. I like sauerkraut, but I think peddling through it would be bad.

    I'd love to get The Husband to agree to tracking expenses. He's not into it. Maybe I should do it for me at least.

  8. I finally looked up Zumba today to see what the heck it was. Looks fun! :)

    I love music, but am afraid I'd either get lost or carried away with that stuff. No wonder it's such a good workout!

    Tracking everything ... money, food, etc. is so enlightening. Hope you have great success with it all.

  9. " and exercising without my ipod is what I believe the French refer to as peddling through sauerkraut."

    --I'll have to ask Danny about that one. :-/


  10. Tracking is eye opening, truly. I track calories to help me with portion control, cause I love to eat LOL!

    Can I say that I so dislike the word 'toning'? You are either strength training or doing cardio. Toning muscles doesn't exist, they either get stronger or atrophy. (stepping off soapbox now :D )

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