Born Organized?

Diane had a timely post about organization and why it matters for fitness. In particular, eating right is not a spur of the moment thing for most of us. When the word "Organization" enters the picture, I tend to have a similar reaction to when I hear the word "Excellence"-- I break out in virtual hives and hastily change the subject. I'll get into my excellence-avoidance another time, but I want to tackle the other one now. I think I rebel against organization because (1) I'm not good at it and (2)sometimes organized people are also tense and controlling, two no-nos in my book. I prefer relaxed and cheerful. So is it possible that you can be organized, relaxed, and cheerful?

I was thinking about this today and I realized that among other sources of resistance, I'm worried about messing with the stuff I like about myself. I have a lively internal critic and I can give you a detailed list with footnotes about what's wrong with me. The part that seems to work well is the affectionate, accepting, consider-the-lilies, you're-gonna-be-okay part, which was sort of the warm core of my mom. Recently it dawned that the warmth and the acceptance are probably quite separate from my organization or lack of it. It's not a barter thing, where I have to trade, or even something I could trade if I wanted to. Not being organized is a branch in the path making me stumble. I can clear the path and I'll still be me, hopefully minus some of the skinned knees and barked elbows.

Getting better at this, or at anything-- including fat loss-- doesn't have to mean a repudiation of the way I used to be. I'm just looking for a way that works better. Doesn't mean I'm shunning the old me. Isn't that odd? I'm so concerned with hurting my own feelings. Perhaps I need to write myself a nice note :).

Have a great week, everybody. Try Zumba!


  1. " I'm so concerned with hurting my own feelings. Perhaps I need to write myself a nice note ."

    LOL - Funny but wise. Really. I think I need to write a letter of apology to myself. :)

    What happened to your last post? I had a sinking feeling you accidentally erased it while trying to erase the comment with my email address. I'm so sorry.

  2. @ Gina, the only way I know how to disable that comment was to close up the post. I'll figure it out at some point and get it back up!

  3. I think it's so interesting how we really do get concerned about hurting our own feelings. I actually like your last sentence about writing yourself a little note!

    By the way - it took me a long time to get organized. One baby step at a time - just like weight loss.

  4. Write yourself that note dearie! :)

  5. I like it - not throwing away who we are just making ourselves better.

  6. I think it's about finding a balance. Choosing what you MUST be organized about, and then setting aside some time for some blissful, free, un-organized fun or relaxation.
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  7. what cool pics on the side bar! looks like you have lost a lot!! organized people are BORING!!


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