Reviews: Pilates and Glucerna Bars

Zumba was too early so I opted for Pilates, which scares me. Everyone knows about planks. I was looking at the line and asked two ladies, "Is this the line for Pilates?" They told me it was. I said brightly, "I've never been. Will I bitterly hate it?" Turns out one of the nice ladies was the INSTRUCTOR. OOPS. There were quite a few elderly people in the class, some rounder people (all of whom kicked my butt, by the way), and all was well. I can't say I enjoyed the planks or those evil bicycley things, but it was stretchy and good for me and mercifully short (45 minutes), plus it gave me comraderie with my 8 year old who takes Serious Ballet. I'm always encouraging her to work hard in class and this was my turn to pull in my belly and even out my hips and all that stuff. I'm planning to visit Pilates again.

I bought Glucerna bars at Costco, seduced by the promise that they are Scientifically Proven not to spike your blood sugar, or minimize spiking your blood sugar. Paid $20 for a large box versus $10 for ordinary mortal type bars. I discovered the main high-tech mechanism the bars seem to use is being very small. (To be fair, they are labeled "mini bars".) They are quite tasty, such that I mistrust them a bit-- long list of lab-tested ingredients. But they are handy to have in the car when ballet goes longer than it was supposed to. Alas, 100% of my sample of 2 little ballerinas rejected them. After a tentative lick they were pronounced "yucky". (In the interest of disclosure my 8 year old rejects 97% of food that way.) I'm not sure I'd spend that much again but I'd think about it.

I am feeling torn between an energetic spring urge to Get Somewhere (dropping another ten pounds) and being happy with my bod and my current routine and not wanting to mess with success. I'm worried nobody will be interested in my blog if I don't soldier on to a BMI of 22. But then, *I'm* still interested in my blog, and other people's blogs, so that's okay.

What are you all opting for? Holding steady or a Spring Sprint? My physical is in early May which is a nice 6 week target.


  1. I will always be interested in your blog! (And as long as YOU are interested, then who cares about any one else?)

    I am opting for Spring Sprint (that is, if spring ever arrives in Moscow)...but will accept holding steady if necessary. Anything but GAINING makes me happy these days...

    I agree, your physical in May is a good target!

    PS I love those Glucerna bars...

  2. Keep up the good work and you will hit that goal. That's funny that you asked the pilates teacher -- isn't that the way it works though. ha.

  3. I started my return to healthy and sane eating on Feb.22 and have lost a total of 18 lbs so I'm much encouraged to stay healthy. I had a total knee replacement a year ago and thought when that was healed, I would be able to exercise and lose some of this wt. gain. It was not to be. I just had surgery on a bone spur into my Achilles Tendon so I won't be on the move for a while but I will maintain this healthy sane portion of food!

  4. I was all set to try those bars, but not if they're "yucky." :)

    I think you're wonderful just as you are, but only you can determine your goal line. I'll keep showing up here, regardless of your BMI.

  5. You don't have to be a soldier to be interesting. Maintaining is plenty challenging, too. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself.

    I have no choice; I have to do the Spring Sprint.

  6. LMAO at the story about the instructor... that's very much somehting I would have done! I have to admit that I am in the spring sprint still. I may be closing in on my posted goal, but I'd like to go further than that if I can!

  7. It's been my experience that maintaining my weight is more difficult than losing it in the first place. So whether you do your spring surge or just maintin for the spring - either way you are a winner in my book!

  8. I feel a spring sprint coming on myself...I think it's the sunlight and warmer days. I'm motivated by sunlight and slightly warmer days.

    I'll still visit if your BMI doesn't change. :)

  9. Here to stay :)

    For better, for worse.
    For higher or lower.
    In Zumba or pilates.
    Til busted computers do we all part.

    (Okay, you're probably wishing my computer will bust right now. lol)

  10. Keep up the blog!! BTW, I'd bag the Glucerna bars, in the end they're just processed crap. I put together a home made trail mix and keep that in the car.


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