Really. Walking like John Wayne here. I haven't done weights two days in a row for, well, months. (Don't worry, my program is designed for two exercises each day, five days a week, plus some cardio and core stuff, so I'm not bombarding the same muscles two days in a row. I'm just bombarding new ones. So I have to think about it before I do something rash like getting up.) Eating has been "not weight loss portions" as South Beach Steve so aptly puts it. Stress has been high. My oldest was asking today why married people get so stressed when they have money, possessions, and love. He's 18 and is focused on finding a girlfriend, which when you have a high functioning form of autism, is more of a pain than usual. He is fairly gorgeous, which helps a little. Anyway, it did sort of put things in perspective for me. Why do we get so stressed?

I think in my case there are the big things (MIL's declining health, tax season) but I am more bowled over by the little things-- for example, I have driving errands at 6:30 am, 7:30 am, 12 pm, 3:30 pm, and 5 pm. I'll spend about three hours in the car today and that's a normal, non-work day. Behind that is what feels like choking backlog of errands, phone calls, things to remember and send and do. The house is falling apart a little bit-- just normal stuff. And here I sit blogging, :). I do think I will be able to get caught up a little bit now that I'm working less. Maybe do some hard thinking about which things need to stay and which can go. I don't want to be this stressed and I suspect that at least some of it is a choice. So hopefully I will be able to post a better report next week.

Meantime I can proudly say that I got up at 6:ish every day this week and exercised before the day wrestled that away from me. Do I get a gold star? My friend needs one too-- she was right there with me. Go, Lisa!


  1. Definitely, you both get gold stars!

    It's so tough to balance it all...but don't feel too bad about blogging. For me, it's better than therapy! It's time you spend doing something you enjoy - and if you're anything like me, getting "me time" is hard to get!

  2. Yes, blogging is my escape. (But why do I feel I have to escape? I have the life I want. I still need a little me-time away from mommydome).

    As far as your son finding a girl goes, if his girlfriend won't stick around, his wife will.

  3. Good job on getting up early every day! props to you

  4. Gold stars for each of you dearie!!!
    I hope the stress gets better. I think it's the time of year and stuff like that for everyone.

  5. My son has a high functioning form of Autism as well. He is so literal about everything it cracks me up sometimes. Right now he is HUGE about being healthy, I think he'd freak at the idea of a girlfriend because she might "share her germs" or something, :). But he's only 11, so we don't need to worry about that for a little while. On the bright side, he's very happy to eat healthy foods with me.

    You and your friend definitely deserve gold stars! Keep it up!!

  6. Gold stars and pats on the back to the both of you! Hope that wouldn't hurt....

  7. Gold stars for you both!!

    That's an interesting observation by your son. Gives some food for thought on why we let our lives that are so blessed stress us out so much. hmm.... Thanks for sharing.

  8. *** Gold stars from me! During times of stress, it's all too easy to pull the covers up over our heads and stay in bed. Good for you for taking the high road! :)

  9. a gold star to you for sure. especially for the driving times and trying to have time for yourself and loose weight. no wonder you are stressed.
    to those who have a high autism son... I have a high scale of Aspergers Syndrome. So, I'll be on a health kick for a while and loose interest and then focus on something else, like looking for a job (again).
    I should take advantage of not haveing a job and little time at Uni to a) loose weight and exercise and b) study. Two things at once?? I'm only a man after all.


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