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I have been putting off writing this post because it involves the dreaded act of linking. I imagine other bloggers throwing fishheads and old cabbage at me because of my terrible link success rate. In fact, I delayed so long those posts seem to have disappeared, so it looks like I'm off the hook for linking. But read Gina's blog anyway. It's wonderful stuff.

I Zumba'd like mad last week and it felt great. My goal for this week is to shore up just a couple of good habits. So many to choose from, but all the latest headlines are urging us not to change too much at one time. So here's my two:

1. Zumba lots.

2. Write down what I eat.

No. 2 in particular in difficult for me. It's one of those for-cryin'-out-loud-anybody-can-do-that stumbling blocks that leave me sprawling and feeling bad about myself. So I'm setting a modest goal, just for the rest of the week.

The dramatically shrinking 266 (link --ow, that hurt) kindly awarded me the Creative Writer Award. I get to make up lies, as follows:

1. Only one of the following is true.
2. I hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
3. I danced with Paiutes.
4. I went on the Beverly Hills diet when I was 15 and ate mango for days.
5. I have an International Standard Book Number.
6. My first kiss was professional. In the context of dinner theater performance.
7. I am Libertarian.

Now my blog is Unstuck. Just so I stay away from those pesky links. Very binding.


  1. Larkspur, Hi! I'm so sorry about those two posts, "When Your Spouse Calls You Fat" and Danny's post "Torrid Affair" (my affair with food). I removed them yesterday. I did save them and the comments elsewhere if you think someone would like to read them and benefit from them. Let me know.

    I removed them because it seemed to open old wounds. We thought we were beyond that. It didn't seem appropriate to leave it there as it was written.

    If there's an interest, maybe I could do a revision. Another idea would be a guest post on your blog. Danny is okay with that, too.

    Okay, now to guess: I don't think it's #4 because you've been comfortable in your skin and happy and am mostly just looking out for diabetes. Did you write a book? Have you been to the SW? (I know you've been to France). You have to be at least 16 to be employed (sweet 16 and never been kissed?). I have no idea about your party. I'm going to guess #5: You have an ISBN.

    (Thanks for the mention).

  2. Now that the Perfect 10 Challenge is over I'm thinking about posting weekly goals and seeing if I stick to them...seeing your two goals made me think of that, because writing down what I eat was one of them. I have the hardest time keeping that up.

    I'm glad you could link. Big step there. And now I can throw the old vegetables in the trash instead your way. LOL

    Let's see....I'm also going to guess that you have an ISBN. (Yes, I'm copying Gina..she went to ASU! :P )

    Have a good day !

  3. Maybe you could count all that linking as cardio? Just a thought.

    On the truth, I'll go with dancing (#3) because it sounds so interesting. :)

  4. Lol! Sorry I caused you such pain! I shall guess number six!

  5. I guess #3!

    And Gina above mentioned the posts were gone. Too bad, although I can certainly understand her reasoning. Opening old wounds can be difficult and sometimes it's best to leave the past where it belongs. If the one titled "Torrid Affair" is ever re-posted, I would love to know...


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