So I Did It

My friend and I met for exercise at 6:30 am every day this week.

Random observations:

1. I gained 2 pounds
2. I feel better than when I started and much better than midweek, when I was colossally sore
3. I look firmer
4. My blood sugars did not improve
5. It wasn't really all that terribly hard
6. It was a nice little social contact
7. Gym's busy at 6:30 in the morning
8. I missed Zumba, literally and figuratively

My eating was slack this week-- no heinous gobbling, but too many extra bits of chocolate and things. I'm quite sure those nibbles add up dramatically. I think I had this "it's okay" thought because I was going to the gym every day, but I recall from experience that the short weight/elliptical workouts don't burn much in the way of calories-- Zumba/hiking are the real calorie chewers. I could have gotten away with my 300-400 calories in nibbles on a Zumba day. It's very possible I made Zumba less of a priority because I "already worked out." What to do for next week?

1. Take Wednesday off from the morning.
2. Add 2-3 Zumba classes back in.
3. Adhere more closely to 5-Factor eating, specifically: eat five times and do not pop a handful of raisins or chocolate chips and pecans at random intervals. At least sit down or something. Geez.
4. Eat protein and vegetables for dinner-- see if that lowers am blood sugar.
5. Fruit or veg every meal.

There, I tried to pack my list with Do's versus Don'ts.

I still don't know ultimately how much I can accomplish with weight loss, but I'm pretty sure I'm not there yet.

How was your week?


  1. It was your first week trying something new. This week you are able to adjust and see what direction to go in for most results. Way to stick with the gym in the mornings!

  2. Funny how a little "cheat" here and a little "cheat" there can add up to a weight gain. It seems so unfair. :( Chin up, we can do this, it just takes time.

  3. What's important is that you evaluated it and figured it out and have a plan for the next week. Good job!

  4. "At least sit down or something. Geez."

    LOL I say the same words to myself.

  5. Great job on completing the morning workout goal!

    I've been doing the snacking-while-walking thing, too. I go to the kitchen for a small snack and by the time I get to the back of the house, it's gone! It doesn't even register that I've had it. :) Definitely worth being mindful of!

  6. Good job getting up and out that early all week! That's a great accomplishment.

  7. Wow. Every morning. Just... wow.

  8. Well, I need to get 20 miles logged by Friday so it looks like I'll be taking your lead and working out everyday.

    Congrats and thanks for the inspiration!


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