Okay, She Convinced Me

Losing Weight at 45 posted a persuasive study about HFCS (see my sidebar for her post). There are some critics (notably the Corn Council) saying the methods are murky-- I will ask my research-prof husband to have a look if I can get to him before World of Warcraft does. Anyway, it's enough for me. I'll do a search and destroy mission this weekend. I'll buy the special catsup and everything. Yikes, who the hell needs 48% more fat? I sure don't, and neither do my beautiful healthy children whom I am trying so hard to keep slim without giving them miserable body image tapes playing in their skulls.

Thank you all so much for your very dear support in my last post. This community is so important for me. There's kind of a headwind when you're trying to change your diet and exercise habits. The bracing effect of like minded friends can't be underestimated.

Gratitude list:

1. Taxes were what we were told to expect and what we prepared for. I want to give our accountant non-HFCS cookies.

2. Great first year of private practice for my hard-working sweetie.

3. The timer trick works. I reaaaally wanted something sweet coming in the door. I set the timer for five minutes and told myself I could have it after that. I got involved in blogging and now I don't want it (though now I have to go throw out any and all HFCS crap!)

4. My house is in decent order and I have time again, YAY. I am doing Flylady-inspired routines which I should never have departed from. It is such an awesome system for my easily distracted brain.

5. Spring! I was out in the country today seeing a patient and it was so, so beautiful-- Central PA in March. Greening grass and little rivers and round hilltops and the forested ridges with the maple blossoms just showing red.

My poor patient was an object lesson in what can happen (and doesn't always, but he wasn't lucky) when you eat a slipshod diet and smoke. Poor guy. He is only in his forties but looks ten years older and now the consequences-- COPD, diabetes-- are hitting him like a lead hose. Seems like people can unintentionally hamstring themselves with their food and then, once their knees are shot and they're insulin dependent, even if they want to change, the effort and expense required are harder with those disabilities to tackle. It's sad, and I see it a lot. Of course there is a tendency to blame ills on overweight-- there are plenty of very sound fat people and some slim ones in poor health. But it's definitely influenced my desire to fight off diabetes as long as can.

Enough pontificating, gotta go. Have a great spring day, all!


  1. I'm with you on the HFCS. I avoid it in any food within my control. It's not that hard, really. So many manufacturers have dropped it now.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. My head is still spinning when I found out it's one of the main ingredients in some baby formulas (aka corn syrup solids).

    Love PA. Danny and I used to go there when we lived in Northern Virginia.

    (btw - I'll work on those two posts after this weekend - daughter's birthday this weekend - if you still want them for a guest post).

  3. I got a whole package of info from the corn farmer people the other day about HFCS and how it isn't really bad, etc. So biased. LOL

  4. Thanks for the referral about HFCS. It really helps that we're all fighting the good fight.

    Have a nice weekend!


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