Toothpaste is Slimming

Here at "Am I Really That Fat" you won't find a lot of pictures for the following reasons:

1. I suck at it.
2. I worry about being recognized-- though I pore over dozens of blogs and I have yet to recognize any of YOU, and anyway, it's not like I'm buying Soviet secrets, is it?
3. They're not that dramatic as I lose S-L-O-W-L-Y, though I probably could dig up some more really puffy before pictures.
4. So many of you are so pretty/nice-looking I am acquiring a bit of a complex.
5. I am the mother of a family, so that means there are no pictures of me unless it's something taken by my 7 year old at a really weird angle, like the bottom of my chin.

Since I have only a 2 pound loss to show this month, I thought it might be instructive to demonstrate the "skinny" stance (slightly angled) versus the "regular" stance. I think I should definitely stand this way when I'm talking to my spouse. "Why are you angled away from me with that moue on your face?" Also I think I look fatter when I clean the mirror. Toothpaste splatters are slimming.

PS I like to fantasize that this pair of jeans, memorialized in an August post, is getting loose.


  1. I love this post, and you are right - that first pose really is slimming. BUT, it's even more slimming because you look really good! There is nothing wrong with slow weight loss. That's often the kind that doesn't return!

    When I saw the top picture I realized that's almost the same pose that I use for my "official" picture on my blog. Angles are good!

  2. I echo most of your reasons for not wanting to post pictures. Except, for a couple of them, YOU definitely don't need to worry!

  3. Hey! I know you! You're that lady that has words on her face!

  4. I think you are entirely too hard on yourself! There is no one out there who should be making you self-concious about how you look - you can compete with the best of them in that category! There is certainly such a thing as a slimming pose. On the other hand there are poses that make the skinniest people look larger.

    Make it a great day!

  5. Hey Sweets, I hate to tell you this...but um, you are pretty smokin hot! Seriously, you have a great figure. Your body shape is similar to mine, but you look about 15 pounds slimmer than me, so I hope in 15 pounds I'll look like you! Woo! :)

  6. You guys are the best. I had a rough day yesterday + a cold, so your kind support is all the more welcome. Here's hoping that by January of '10, I can post pictures of what 10% looks like.

  7. I have mixed feelings about this post--happy to see that other people have toothpaste splatters on their mirrors, but disheartened to see that a mother has a figure so much better than mine. :)
    You look fantastic, no matter how you stand, but I agree the angle pose is killer! I'm off to practice it now!


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