Secret Weapon

I weigh first thing, when the light's just starting to break. I'm bleary at that hour and my scale has tiny numbers. I kind of like it that way, mind you. I don't want some obnoxious digital scale laying down the law. I prefer some flexibility in my facts. Yesterday I thought it said sort of 176ish but I put down 177 to be safe. This morning it looked, squinting, 175ish which means maybe I really did lose a bit. I tried to figure out what I did differently. All I could think of, apart from getting back to Zumba, was that big tray of plums I bought at Costco. Costco has lovely fruit and these are huge plums with this lovely mottled sheen on them. I've wanted to eat them up and I am the only taker so I have been having these between or before meals when I'm hungry. They take up a lot of tummy real estate, evidently to good effect. So that's my secret weapon this week. (Also I bought Rock and Roll Part Two for my Ipod, which forces you to dance around in your underwear. Good thing I'm home alone during the day).

What about YOU? What's the James Bond gadget in your weight loss arsenal?


  1. My laptop is my James Bond gadget on this journey. It gives me a place to track my daily adventures and to pontificate about weight loss issues every day, plus plugs me into a world of encouragement and support.

  2. Dancing around in your drawers? I didn't know there was an ap for that :-)

    Congrats on the weightloss and I do the morning squint at the scale too!

  3. "I prefer some flexibility in my facts." - LOL! Great loss!

  4. My James Bond gadget is definitely my Blackberry - Tabata tunes, stopwatch, timer, and GPS walking tracker. Not only that, I can talk to others on it. :-)

  5. My salad spinner, my Wurstoff knives, and any other gadget in my kitchen that makes preparing fresh vegetables and fruits easier.


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