I want to report on the SO, who as usual, is doing Good Things without a lot of fanfare. I have to run around starting blogs and obsessively reading everything. He just quietly gets to it. Every so often he asks me to check the scale for him (he can't read those tiny numbers. Even I have trouble with it some bleary-eyed mornings.) He's 225 this morning. He was two-forty-humrum-humph when we started this, so that's at least 20 pounds. He's 6'3" and large-boned. He has these big, sturdy ribs. I know the BMI tables say he should weigh closer to 200. I think he would be too thin at that weight. Yikes! Am I undermining?

In other happy news, I checked my fasting blood sugar this morning. I haven't gotten below 100 in the last several years. I got 93! This was after a good, five- factor dinner (mushrooms, chicken, and asparagus) and I belayed the chocolate after dinner, although I certainly had some beforehand.

Still sick, though getting better. I am planning to attempt a gentle walk today. But I need to get my nap in first :)

Do you find your SO is helping you stay on the road during this journey, or do you feel gently blocked or undermined? I find it so helpful that we are in this together. My husband doesn't bring home foods that we should not be eating (unless it's Saturday, of course) and he helps me find homes for stuff I find a little too good to keep around. He tends to be better about food, while I am (usually) a little more insistent on exercise. The only possible unhelpful habit he has is stocking diet soda at home. I want to kick this unfortunate habit and keep backsliding, but I feel like I should be able to deal with this on my own and not expect him to give up the occasional Coke Zero. He would get rid of it if asked but I am not quite ready to ask. What about you?


  1. Congrats on you and SO being so civil about doing this together. I could NEVER do this with my husband as he is always so full of facts and figures and know-it-all stuff that it would make me run towards the food.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

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  3. I too am one of the fortunates who has a supportive significant other. But, it wasn't always like that. In past attempts he didn't commit to it which meant I never felt like I had to (which I know is not necessarily taking responsibility, but we are always together and that made it really, really hard). This time, something clicked for the both of us. It's not so much that he has been doing the 'right' things as that he has stopped doing the 'wrong' things. He still hates veggies, for example, but even there he has made minor progress (i.e. lettuce on the turkey wrap or trying the green beans I cook). And, yeah, he has lost a lot of weight. I think since I started my blog he is down about twenty pounds (although he has lost around forty from his all time high). I don't think I would be as successful at this without him being on board. We are both very lucky!

  4. My wife is supportive, although sometimes she brings home something acceptable, not realizing that I cannot eat acceptable amounts of it. That is my problem to deal with though. I am truly very lucky.

  5. I am also lucky to have a great SO. He inspires me as he gets home from a long day and hops on the exercise bike before he has his down-time. We are very supportive of one another.

  6. I have a wonderful SO! I couldn't do what I do without him, and his support is amazing!

    Hooray on the blood sugar! But even up to 110 is considered normal so don't freak out too much! :D

  7. I have an award for you one my blog!

  8. SO is my husband and yes he has been very supportive. He's been more supportive this time than any other in the past, and I think that is really making a difference.

    I should say I think it made the biggest difference back when I started even thinking about the possibility of losing weight.


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