Moral High Ground

I never fully appreciated the importance of high ground until I went to Gettysburg. We zipped around on Segways in this golden, blowy sunset, everything quiet and green and no sign of the mayhem of 150 years ago. Anyway, there is a hill that had been partially cleared by local farmers. By the second day of battle it became clear that Little Round Top was the place to be, because the guns of that time could shoot out and down a lot better than they could shoot up. The Union just barely got control of Little Round Top in time and it was ably defended by the 20th Maine who fixed bayonets and charged when they found themselves out of ammunition.* Kind of puts dieting in perspective, doesn't it?

At the Halloween Parade party at my friend's house I iced cupcakes without eating any. And I felt that elusive satisfaction that is the Moral High Ground. It's funny, it's a quieter pleasure than an actual cupcake, but it's still nice.

*Apologies to those that actually know this stuff.


  1. It feels good to take the high ground, doesn't it?

  2. Thanks for putting a name on that feeling, because I felt it yesterday when I make cookies with my kids. I ate 2 cookies (planned) and didn't eat the dough or more cookies as they came warm and toasty out of the oven (dear lord, those are good). Anyway, I share your feeling in an oh-so-similar way.

  3. Congrats on the cupcakes. I am an icing fanatic LOL! But the high ground is a nice place to be.

  4. Clothes would be great and a help to our budget. If you want, comment on my blog with your email (it's previewed by me before posting and I just won't post it) and we'll get in touch. Thanks!

  5. p.s. And great job on baking and not eating any. That's one of my goals this holiday season. :)


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