So Vain

I am helping out in my SO's office for a few weeks till his office person is back on-line. Since I got a part time job (woot!), starting in a couple of weeks, I felt justified in buying a few things (doesn't take much.) I usually shop at Christopher Banks like the square I am, as it has pretty things that are not too dowdy, too goofy, too hipster, or too expensive. This time I stopped at Penny's and bought a lined, black watch plaid skirt and a rather snazzy black shirt for a grand total of $32. The skirt had this bizarrely perfect fit. Weight training has changed my body so that I'm more hour-glass-y and less pear-like. Things look more or less the way they're supposed to, even though I am still north of 170 pounds and 31% (shudder) body fat. Anyway, in a pair of heels and dark tights, I enjoyed feeling All That. Which is good because today was my son's 18th birthday and I am now the mother of an adult, which though a great things is a little difficult to wrap my mind around.

For the birthday dinner I had some Italian sub and ice cream cake... okay and some chips... and a little Smartfood (Evil, evil substance!) I felt a bit uneasy as it is Not Cheat Day, so I saddled up at 10 pm and did my 5 Factor workout (5 minutes elliptical, 3 sets of 25 tap squats and 25 chest flys, 75 side bends with weights, followed by another 6 minutes elliptical). My husband and I were noticing that before, we would have fed ourselves subs, cake, and Smartfood in a disorganized way, consuming a lot more calories and thinking little of it. Now we think. Though I do have the Moral High Ground, 'cause I worked out and he didn't. Not that I'm keeping track or anything :)


  1. How funny,
    I bought a pair of goal pants from goodwill and they turned out to be christopher banks. I am a total preppie. (too eighties). Cant help it, love matching sweater sets, button downs and chinos.
    go figure.

  2. Congrats to your son for his 18th - how do they grow up so quickly?

    And woo-hoo at looking All That in your new outfit.

    So glad you held the Moral High Ground and enjoyed your meal, lol.

  3. I too will soon be the parent of an adult. I am not sure about that. It is kind of scary to think that it won't be long until I see whether all the training my wife and I have provided works out.

  4. How nice ... feeling "all that". :) Good for you!

    I'm just barely about to become the mother of teens in a year, but can already begin to feel like "where has the time gone?".

    Sounds like you had nice, controlled fun with the party food. Yay!!

  5. Hi - I just found your blog from comments on others. I'm going to browse through your archive and catch up. Sounds like you're doing pretty well, and I like your humor. North of 170? That's my goal! I'm north of 190, but it's a better place than just south of the arctic cirle!

  6. Woo hoo for new clothes!! Have fun working!! (if that's possible)

  7. Shopping is a wonderful guilty pleasure and you should treat yourself when you can afford it, particularly now you're working!

    I NEED new shoes for work but these are so impractical... I'm strangely and madly in love with them but I work in a male environment that discourages the few women from bothering to look nice.


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