Hot 100 Challenge-- Update on Goals

Which were:

1. 3 5-factor workouts
2. Write down in advance for the day what I plan to eat and when.
3. Keep the blogging outside family time
4. Big goal is still 171 by January 1.
5. Don't smooch my husband when he is sick.

1. Yes*
2. 4/7
3. Yes
4. Down 1 so six pounds to go with 11 weeks left.
5. He isn't sick, haha!

I made myself a star chart. I really did. Much to the amusement of my family.

Leah of My New Ending has some interesting observations on her fear of "coming out" with her new way of eating. She's fearful that others will criticize or tell her she's doing it wrong. I can sympathize. For most of my overweight years I've tried to show a, "I"m going to occupy this much space and that's how it is, people," kind of attitude. But I have had my moments of self-consciousness. Still do. One of the small joys of being trim must surely be enjoying a cupcake publicly without feeling self-conscious. My father in law has told stories of his mother, who was fat and was never seen to eat. Poor woman was probably guilted into stuffing her face furtively while she was cleaning up, fixing food, etc. Perhaps never feeling entitled to a lovely meal without self-consciousness. My mom used to eat standing up (a habit I am guilty of at times) and it always bothered me. It was like her worn, pinned together bras. Love yourself, mom! Enjoy your meal! Buy some great underwear! You can afford it! My nana would make beautiful little lunches for herself with a placemat and napkin. I thought that was wildly civilized and yet I rarely go to that effort for myself. I've been doing it more lately, tied in with sketching out my meals for the day, and I it makes a difference in feeling truly fed.

So there you go, friends. How about we all buy ourselves some great underwear and a couple of placemats!

*If I do it tonight. Though I'm pretty tired from Zumba. There was a man in class today and I am amazed he was not vaporized by the pulsating estrogen.


  1. I just bought myself new socks cause all mine had holes in them. Does that count?

  2. Great week!

    Love buying new underwear now. Haven't paid much attention to bras yet, as there's not that much left to corral. :)


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