Hot 100 Update

Shout-out to South Beach Steve, the progenitor of our end-of-the-year challenge.

These were my goals:

1. 4 5-factor workouts
2. Write down in advance for the day what I plan to eat and when. Doesn't mean I have to keep to the plan perfectly-- I just want a plan.
3. Keep the blogging outside family time (schooldays ok, in reason).
4. Big goal is still 7 pounds in the next-- what? 93 days? Anybody know?

I blew (1) bigtime, but I have a doctor's excuse. I got fairly sick and I am just now feeling like my blood wasn't sucked out by a vacuum. So we'll reset that goal for next week, adjusting to three five factor workouts due to my general feebleness.

2. was not so good either. 3 days out of 7. I can do better next week.

3. Did well with that.

4. I lost a pound, but I'm pretty sure it was a pound of muscle :(

I am going to keep these goals for next week, and add one more:

5. Do not smooch my SO or share his glass when he is obviously sick.


  1. Here's hoping you and SO are both soon healthy, so smooching will not be restricted. :)

  2. I think your new goal is a pretty good one to follow all the time. :-) Smooches are nice, but sickness is not! Thanks for the update.


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