What to Eat: Part 1, Snacks

The word from Harly P requires you to eat every three hours or so-- three meals and a couple of snacks. Every time you eat you're supposed to get 5 grams of fiber, protein, and some healthy fat, plus a sugar free drink. I am not hard core about this but I do try to keep it in mind. I have a few favorites I can't wait to eat every day (Cherry Shake!)but I often find myself drawing a complete blank. Some days I reach for something dismal like a diet pudding which is probably not technically food, even if they are sort of entertaining to eat. I am begging for snack ideas, so help me out, friends. What do you eat between meals? Here's my limited list:

--whey shake with fruit, ice, and 2% milk
--Ezekiel toast with half a sliced banana and peanut butter
--apple with peanut butter
--plum and a Fiber One bar
--2% cottage cheese, raisins and pecans
--Fiber One cereal which is delish, but difficult digestively (definitely have to look into the beano) and it tastes so sweet I am suspicious of it
--couple ounces of deli turkey or ham with mustard and a plum
--thawed mixed berries with plain yogurt and Golean Crunch

As you can see there's a fair amount of processed food in this list, and most of these things taste sweet. I am trying to step back from the artificial sweeteners in the hope they will wean me from needing that sweetness. What's your very best and favorite snack?


  1. baby carrots (or broccoli) & hummus. especially if you have a trader joes & can get their mediterranean or white bean hummus.

  2. I was going to say hummus as well... I like mine with baby carrots or spread on one of those mini flatout wraps with lettuce.

    ohh... that reminds me a mini flatout wrap with laughing cow light cheese wedge and tomato.

  3. I like Laughing Cow cheese on homemade pitas. I also eat oatmeal and yogurt for snacks.

  4. Laughing Cow Lite on Wasa Crisps. Fiber one yogurt. Quaker High Fiber instant oatmeal (cinnamon swirl). Bowl of fruit, bowl of steamed veggies maybe with a little cheese melted on it. HTH :)


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