I feel like my behavior has not been quite there for fat loss. You just feel like you know what you have to do, and you know more or less when you've done it. But sometimes the scale messes with your head. I unloaded the magazines from mine (bathroom reading clean out). I made sure it was zeroed and I stepped on it. 174ish. Maybe 173. (Remember, I can't see in the mornings.) I have not been that impressed with myself in my fitness behavior lately, although I'm still eating lots of plums and recently discovered flavored seltzer in a can (big puffy heart). So why am I down a pound? Not sure I believe it, but I'll take the enjoyable (irrational) feelings of self-actualization that go with it. Scale wise, I am like Mr. Weston in Persuasion, the perpetual optimist. Even a subsequent rise probably won't make me feel like this was a mistake. I'll decide the high number was a mistake. See? We optimists are supposed to be less accurate than pessimists. But we have our fun.


  1. Hi - I hear you about feeling your fat loss efforts have been slacking...mine too, big time. Some days good, other days suckish. But I want to lose weight, so what's up with all this? I guess that for this time of weightloss, which will be my last, I'm letting my mind and heart catch up with where my body is. Hey - maybe I'm an optimist too, because I could have said that it's because I'm a wacko. Enjoy your half full glass of water :)

  2. I cannot explain why it is down a pound, but never question a loss! :-)

  3. Whenever I have a loss that I feel I didn't earn, I thank the weight loss gods until the cows come home!! =D Take it where you can get it, baby!

  4. Just take the loss and run with it! And the most important part? Don't let it come back home!!

    Congrats on however it happened. As we all know, the scale doesn't always make sense.


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