Hot 100 Update

Well, if you count today, which is okay going by the loosely worded "by next Wednesday," I met my goal of 4 5 Factor workouts.

I didn't blog until after my little one was in bed, hence the radio silence.

I am working on that seven pounds though no luck there as yet.

For next week, I would like to switch up the mini-goals a bit:

1. 4 5-factor workouts
2. Write down in advance for the day what I plan to eat and when. Doesn't mean I have to keep to the plan perfectly-- I just want a plan.
3. Keep the blogging outside family time (schooldays ok, in reason).
3. Big goal is still 7 pounds in the next-- what? 93 days? Anybody know?

My neighbor knocked on my door today to tell me I'm losing weight(!) Like my mother in law, she's reluctant to believe it's only about 15 pounds (I lost a few before I started my blog). She eyed me judiciously and with 76 year old frankness decided I need to lose another 15 and then I should stop, "so you don't get too thin." She herself has walked an hour a day since 1979-- didn't want to be walking with sticks when she got old. She dialed it down to 45 minutes when she turned 75. She still mows her own lawn and volunteers and she's as sharp as a tack. Funny how some people can comment and I'm pleased and amused and other people can say it and I just want to change the subject. I think what bothers me is any hint of a moral component. That or I'm persnickety. You think? :)

Zumba'd yesterday in addition to the 5-F and today I walked one gorgeous cool blowy hour on the Appalachian trail, dodging walnuts and fallen leaves.

For those that care about such things, here's a nice analysis of the CDC vs Harvard Nurses debate. Interesting stuff.


  1. An awesome week!

    I'm trying that 2nd goal now, and I kind of like it. I've had to scratch through some things and add replacements, but it works more like a trade than just random eating.

  2. Persnickety - I had to look that word up!

    Good work on your goals for the week. Ninety-three days is plenty of time to lose the seven pounds, so I wouldn't feel behind on that.

    All-in-all, great work!

  3. Your neighbor sounds like a pretty cool lady.

    Doing great with the Hot 100 goals.


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