Since this blog is (please God) totally anonymous, I will reveal something shocking: I took one of my son's 36 mg Concerta today. My husband who is in the business of diagnosing these things thinks I have ADD, though he is tactful about it. Once every few years I try one of my son's meds, feel great, get a lot done, tell myself "I need to ask for this!" and then don't sleep until four am. I took it early today: if I can sleep tonight, I will check with my doctor about a scrip for myself. Not for daily use but for those days when I need to be sharp. My son takes them on school days-- he's been off and on over the years; they tend to be more effective after the summer break when he's been months without. I made awesome knocks in my to-do list today. It remains until tomorrow for me to look back and make sure I was not producing complete crap. Definitely in overdrive though. I determined I MUST GO BUY CLOTHES for my second grader, who has outgrown her school stuff. My husband took me to the mall and had to gently extract me from Gap, where I was haranguing the hapless saleslady because they didn't have anything off the website. "18 milligrams for you" was my husband's comment. I may need to have my VISA on ice if I do get a scrip for these things.

The report:

1. write and track calories-- check (about 1700 though there is some guessing there)
2. more iced tea, less soda-- ran out, need to make it, 2 sodas ugh
3. calorie chewing trail walk-- trail walk yes, calorie chewing is a question mark. Went with my dad who was feeling creaky today. But he was grateful to go and I get filial bonus points, exchangable for valuable karmic prizes.
4. no work-out today-- manana!
5. still need to charge my darned band

So a mixed report, but not too bad. I do want to break into the 170s for next week. If I can knock off 4/5 every day, I am hoping I'll be able to get there.


  1. Soda can be so difficult to give up. I have done a switch to low calorie vitamin water but I have a hard time sticking to that goal too.

  2. Charge the band - now! :-)

    It sounds like your husband is in the medical field? If so, maybe he is right about the medicine. Of course, pay close attention to how it makes you feel. I am sure you will.

    Good luck getting to the 170s. It feels good to reach a new point like that - kind of motivating.

    Make it a great day!


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