I have one of those brains (good for some things, not for others) which tends to hyperfocus. So whatever it is that interests me, I spend a lot of time on. When I was building a house, that was all-encompassing (except for the spousal unit and kids-- everyone still ate and wore clean clothes. More or less.) I used to spend a lot of time of financial sites, figuring out retirement accounts and trying to squeeze our family into a smaller size financially. It occurs to me I haven't read any money blogs in ages. I haven't been giving my nice house the care and attention it deserves. Let alone finding a job.

Eating healthy and getting out there to exercise has gone well this summer-- I'm delighted to be fitter, lighter, and eating better than I have in say, I dunno, twenty years? But I need to find a way to incorporate the changes I've made, automate them, and move on to the next things-- because as a mother of three with (modest) personal and professional goals, I have to be able to turn my focus to the next thing. Without sliding on the gains I've made.

I've come up with "meals" on the Daily Plate that can give me a rough calorie count.
I can assign days for workouts and classes.
I can come up with lunches/afternoon snacks that won't take me off course. (Those are my hardest times).
I'm divided about putting forth an all-out effort (Weight Watchers for example) to get off the remaining 4-10 pounds to make my 10%. (Depending on what number I'm counting from.) The plan has been to reach that admittedly not very low number (170 or so, BMI of 25.8, size 12) and hang out there for several months, possibly for life, depending how hard it is for me to drop lower.

Any advice? How do you all manage life + fitness + healthy eating?


  1. I think once I lost the 150 pounds, going into maintenance was a process. At first I did spend a lot of time thinking about and planning my food, just like I did during my weight loss phase.

    Over time, it became easier and easier. More just part of who I was, rather than focusing on it!

  2. It's just doing it over and over again. When you eat right and exercise every day, it turns into weeks, then months, then years! It does get easier.

  3. Larkspur, I also struggle with this. I am of the firm belief that our minds can only truly focus and dedicate ourselves to a few things at a time, at most. That doesn't mean we can't do other things, but when we fully devote ourselves to something, it takes a lot out of us. I think Lori is right though, it all comes back to habits. That is my hope - that I am developing habits that do not end up taking much of my energies to keep.

  4. For me, it's literally day by day. I agree with Lori that it does get easier however in the same breath, many times I take two steps forward and one step back. Over months and months, I do find myself coming out ahead so I guess something's working :-)


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