Somebody Slap Me

I have been like the walking dead this morning (I have a 17 year old son, so I am up on my zombie lore.) After an hour and a half nap, I checked the bottle of "ibuprofen" I took last night for my sinus headache. Ibuprofen PM-- with Benadryl. Oooooh! Been administering caffeine but I'm home alone today (my sweet father went back to Arizona yesterday) and I have no one to slap me, unless I can get either Mittens the hamster or the dog to do it.

I downloaded Lose It! for my Ipod Touch. It's fun and easy to use though the food database is limited. Scale's at 178 this morning, so I figure I'm doing all right. (It could very well have been 180 due to water retention, and I would have been very down on myself. Sigh.) It's funny, I seem to lose my pounds every 2 months in 2 pound increments. The Lickety Split Diet.

In the totally unrelated department, you might be amused by this link: How Women Choose Men. I always thought there was some kind of mystery element going on there. The biochemical glass shoe. Hey baby, check out my etchings and my histocompatibility complex.

South Beach Steve of Log My Loss has a good motivational challenge starting on his blog. I want to participate, which means figuring out which one habit would be the most helpful over the next 100 days. The challenge starts today so I need to figure this out by tonight and report back.


  1. "every 2 months in 2 pound increments" - hey, slow and steady wins the race right?

  2. I agree with Michelle, two pounds every two months is still going in the right direction. That is all that really matters, right?


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