Oh Hell

This morning the scale said 178.5. I've been working on this for six weeks and I finally get a loss-- and today is Cheat Day, combined with 300 miles of driving + not much exercise = shoot. My best friend lost her mom unexpectedly. She needed me to drive her to Columbia and then BWI which with the return trip amounted to about 6 hours of driving time. I was glad to go, you want to do something dramatically helpful under these circumstances, but I missed my exercise. I wish they would invent a pedal car option, with speed. Or a tank that could suck fat directly from your thighs. Speaking of which, in the Woot category, I offer the following:

Thighs R a Good Thing

Next will be a study proving that homemade apple pie improves triglycerides and reduces the appearance of spider veins.

PS I never posted about my conclusion about the Concerta experiment. Don't think it's going to work out between us. One day of concentration + concerted, fairly useful activity followed by two days of feeling trashed, like I'm a four-cylinder engine that somebody's tried to street-race. Darn. Have to stick with iced tea.

PPS I don't think I even want to weigh tomorrow. I'll be so bummed. I could have laid off Cheat Day but I delayed for the Labor Day picnic and everything. Hopefully with helpful behavior on my part I'll see the 170s again soon.


  1. Congratulations! I have an award for you!

  2. If you come up with the car that sucks the fat right out of you, let me know! That sounds like my kind of car.

    It's a bummer to miss your exercise, but what you did was so much more valuable. I am sure your friend is extremely grateful.

    Don't be too hard on yourself either - you're not even sure you've left the 170's yet. Either way, you are still doing the right things.

  3. There are billions of $ to be made for the person who invents a car that sucks fat directly out of thighs for fuel.


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