Crazy busy day, but I gotta post about ZUMBA!

It's FUN. We signed up at the Y yesterday so we'll be able to do something besides elliptically training or slipping on icy trails outside. I was particularly interested in the classes. Well, I have to consult my band for the calorie burn but I am expecting good news. Caveats for the unitiated:

1. Wear good support. I could not publicly clutch my chest during class, though you do just about everything else in Zumba. I need a better sports bra or possible two bras.

2. Do not wear slightly oversized pants. I kept showing my tummy and the band of my Fruit of the Looms. Not sexy.

3. Double tie your shoes (I appreciated this caution from the teachers.)

4. Leave inhibitions outside. There is so much booty-shaking and hip flexing in this class, I was deeply grateful it was all-female, though I am usually all about co-ed exercise.

I was deeply grateful for those trail walks which kept me from gasping excessively or having to take long embarrassing breaks. I thought I did great (remember, I am the Queen of Moderate Expectations). I told the instructor (18 pack abs) how fun the class was. She blinked at me kindly and assured me "It gets easier with practice!" Ah well! Legend in my own mind, yet again!

I bought tighter pants and I am ready for more ZUMBA. Just not today!

PS My Gowearfit reports that my hour of Zumba burns a stupendous 450 calories, as opposed to about 300 for an hour of hiking or 150 for an hour of getting ready in the morning(two-story house, so stairs with that), and about 80 for sleeping. Funkadelic, huh?


  1. I have been wanting to try that... they just started doing Zumba classes at my Y a couple weeks ago. My sister went once and said she is sticking with yoga. I think I will try it next week.

  2. Okay, I have never heard of Zumba. Now I have to go google it tonight and see what you are talking about.

  3. I've never tried it, but it sounds like a lot of fun. Great tips!!


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