Intermittent Hotness

Watching a nature show on High Def (new TV) which always raises the question: why don't they throw that starving bear a steak? Better make my Nature Conservancy donation.

I wanted to rush to you all my gleanings from Women's World which I scanned while waiting for my husband to pay for the groceries. Whenever he's with me, I reason that only one person can fit next to the cart and let him do the unloading while I furtively check out OK! and Dr. Oz tips and whatever other publication I am too cheap or too embarrassed to buy. In four minutes I gathered these tips from Tara of Biggest Loser fame:

1. No carbs after 4 pm (encourages growth hormone)
2. Eat at regular times (tends to decrease your calories apparently, lighter people do this)
3. Lots of water (increases metabolism by 3%); Tara drinks it with fiber powder
4., 5., and 6. My husband was done checking out and giving me that look so I'll have to give you the rest after my next grocery store visit. These generally occur daily, or, in some cases, twice a day, so stay tuned!

The scale was more conciliating this morning, 178 and a bit, so I felt more encouraged, game, and able. Also Zumba! helps. I enjoyed a short period of Temporary Hotness. Ever gotten that? It's where your testoterone or endorphins or whatever it is gets activated by vigorous exercise and briefly you're all that. Until it wears off. Shortly after Zumba ends, leaving behind a middle-aged sweaty person with mad scientist hair. Anyway, I suspect (follow my reasoning closely here), the secret lies in fewer calories. Possibly even counting them before they're eaten instead of after. It's crazy, but it just might work.

In the encouragement department, I offer the following if you haven't already caught these great posts:

From Cranky Fitness, It's Not All That Gloomy.

Losing Weight After 45 has this really cool video link which shows what happens when you do your workouts.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments. Feels like 80% of the work is making sure the road ahead is clear, and you all shout out the hazards, set out the caution signs, and wave off the traffic. Now I just have to operate the dozer.


  1. I love periods of temporary hotness... I look in the mirror and say "I look damn good today"

    I think it's the endorphins.

  2. It's all that shaking and gyrating that Zumba! has you doing! I remember that feeling when I was Zumba'ing 2x a week! ;-)

    Ok, I'll wait patiently for 4-7! I liked 1-3 ...

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oooh,lots of brilliant tips, by you and from the mags - ta for sharing!

    And, oh, I didn't know there was a scientific reason for the feelings of hotness - I thought it was just a sort of empowerment thing, but the chemical thing is obvious really. Der.

    Right, off to follow those interesting sounding links...

  4. I think any time our bodies feel hot it is a time of extra fat burning. Maybe my reasoning is flawed, but I think of it as ramped up metabolism.

  5. Tara's 7 Best Secrets

    1. Fake a fancy diet delivery service! (make healthy eating conveniet or you'll make bad choices...pack up the good stuff and have it ready)

    2. Hop on a scale for turbo success! (stay on track by knowing where you are)

    3. Add a boos to your H20! (lotsa water - with fiber powder)

    4. Double results with a food log! (be aware and accountable)

    5. Hunger-proff your schedule! (eat on a set schedule to prevent mindless snacking)

    6. Get carb-smart! (limit night time carbs because they interfere with your body's ability to produce HGH which builds muscle and burns fat)

    7. Walk away from boredom eating! (go for a walk after dinner to stimulate yoru metabolsim and keep you from boredom eating)

  6. :o) The magazine was sitting right on my desk and I had not read it yet... LOL


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