I yanked yesterday's post, deciding it was a) boring and b) downbeat. Not the direction I want to go. The problem is really that I need to find a new job, and between that and my fat-losing efforts I am one long parade of Positive Action Steps. When really my preferred Action Steps look like this:

1. stay in bed with my husband
2. eat marmelade toast
3. play Sims

So, okay, not happening, but at least I am going to cut myself a break on reporting back on Iced Tea Drinking and the like when I really need to be ordering transcripts and figuring out to apply for positions on diabolically complicated websites. I am still going to check in regularly, post my Wednesday weights, and keep up with what I'm doing now, but I am going to delay the next push to lose weight until October, hopefully after I've found a new job. I'll still be part time so I should be able to protect my time to exercise and make sure everyone eats more or less properly. I'll be keeping up with you all and cheering you on.

PS DH lost another 4 pounds. He is now 230 (6'3") and has lost about 20 pounds over the summer. Yay, DH!

PPS I walked on the AT with No. 1 son yesterday (more bonding!), plus we played some vicious basketball with our Friday complement of teenagers. My daughter rocks. She can make baskets from our equivalent of half-court. Amazing how much harder you work when it's competitive. I burned 200 calories in less than an hour according to my band. (My band is stingy, so I was impressed). I've been working out much more than DH so it vexed me that he got less tired than I did. He assures me it's because he plays smart, not hard.

PPPS Burned 2415 per my band. Takes a lot to break 2500. Maybe if I got on the trail and walked for 2 hours versus one... but am I going to keep that up long-term? Likely not.

PPPPS I'm rambling. Have a great weekend, all!


  1. Did you at least have your Sims family get a workout in? ;)

  2. Congratulations to the husband.

    I suspect the reason you got more tired than he did is simply that you played harder. ;-)

    Good luck with the job hunting.

  3. If only real life was as easy as the Sims... I wish we could use cheat codes in real life.


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