Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just Do It

Applies to so many things, doesn't? Including that blog post to keep you on the straight and more or less narrow path.

I just got back from my family reunion, which I loved, and which is also giving me a great subject for my post: MY DEAR AUNT.

This is my Aunt. I am shamelessly posting a picture of her because I think she's so pretty. She is a former ballet dancer who ran an aerobics studio back in the 70's when aerobic dance was still a pioneer concept. She gave up running because of a no-cartilage knee, but she is still using the elliptical daily and lifting weights three times a week. She prefers a high-rep, lower weight routine which is what I like myself (3 sets of 20 reps). She emphasizes the importance of "real" pushups for women and showed me how to practice from a plank position. She can do them fine. I can't.

She's seventy three years old, people.

My aunt was a beauty for most of her life but she's not in it for cosmetic reasons any more. She works out to maintain function. She moves like a young woman. She can supervise ten grandkids for a day and follow up by making dinner for 16 because she's taken good care of her body. When she is caring for a grandchild, she is not only able to give her full mindfulness (and her cognition shows no signs of aging); she can play on the floor or move the kid from place to place or whatever is required.

I want to be her when I grow up.

That means I have to get back on the road. Too much sugar this weekend (what is it with family reunions that makes you crave chocolate?) I am struggling to get away from the stuff again. I hope to be able to report in tomorrow that I am back to eating well and training with weights. Can't wait to catch up with everybody!