Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Extremely Dull Shopping Post

You were warned, remember.

I imagine normal people can spend less than five hours picking one outfit-- or in my case, 66% of an outfit if you count the belt. That's the bad news. I hit (quick tally) too damn many stores-- ten maybe total? Five or six today with my seven year old in tow. She was actually great. She's at the fashionista age, has opinions about everything, zippered stuff for me and mostly managed to leave the jewelry alone and keep her fingers off the mirrors. My favorite quote is when I tried on a weird but interesting skirt at J Jill. She eyed me critically and said, "I can't compliment you on that." Okay! Back on the rack!

The other nice part is the way weight training rearranges your figure. I am not that much lighter but sales ladies were making agreeable comments like, "Well, you have a small waist," and "Try the medium, you can always get the large if you need it." So I would be feeling all that except for the fact that I tried on 90,000 outfits and only a few things looked Great, and I have to look Great because I may be meeting some people whom I perceive as having slighted my excellent spouse, and it is important that I look as blonde and luscious and brainy and casually scornful as I possibly can. Now that I think of it, no wonder I didn't find much. Also, in retail terms it's fall, so it's all woolly looking things and blazers. I'm not going to look brainy wearing wool in July.

Ultimately I got the drapey top at Chico's which is divinely comfortable and I've been wanting it anyway. I also fell victim to a Hip Belt. I came of age in the 80s, what can I say. Gonna get me some shoulder pads next. I would show you all a picture but my camera died, which is just as well, because a person with no head wearing a hip belt is probably not going to convey the concept I'm going for. Also, my husband just walked in and wanted to know what I wanted the camera for and it's awkward explaining I wanted a picture of my hip belt for my blog. I'm afraid he's going to think I'm involved in some kind of diet blogging porn.

My Gowear Fit is clucking its tongue over my output today, partly because I took it off while I was shopping. I'm sore from 80 tap squats yesterday and tired. Also, it's raining out. I think I may just have to let it be disappointed in me today.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Note to Self

Do not affectionately ruffle the hair of teenage friend of son at the gym. Uncool. There could be cute high school girls watching. He gave me such a look.

Gowear Fit seems to be ticking along merrily. I ended up about 2600 something yesterday-- definitely encouraged me to pick up around the house, play badminton, and jump on the trampoline at our friends' house. I feel badly that I am not tracking calories this week for you all. It would be an excellent test of the Fit but I am just not that together this week. My weight is holding steady at 180 without having to argue with the scale (though to be sure, this week I've been just stepping on and off without a whole dialectic). Some random Gowear tips and semi-substantiated opinions for people thinking about getting one:

1. They are supposed to be way under if your primary workout is spinning or biking. Some people put them around the calf and seem to get better results in that case. I use the elliptical, lift weights or hike, so it doesn't bother me. The burn seems a little low for the work I do in the gym (about 130 for 25 minutes of stop and start but fairly vigorous exercise) but I think overall it's probably about right.

2. Some people find they have to shoot for a higher deficit than the Fit predicts. I'll let you know about this. My gut is it's counting about right, but I'll know more soon. It's also tricky because I am not closely tracking my calories.

3. It's part feedback, part nifty gadget. Most reviews seem to love it but it doesn't do the work for you (bummer!) and it won't be completely accurate for every situation. A few people hate it because it doesn't track spinning/biking workouts that well, or because of the subscription fee (mine's about ten a month, first 3 months free). I could see after a few months you could get tired of the thing on your arm and want to take a break. It's a lot like tracking calories (just easier) because the first few days are eye-opening. After a while I could see where you'd have a pretty good idea generally and use it to spot-check yourself.

4. This thing is FUN.

Monday, July 27, 2009


The scale is one, the mirror and tape is another, not to mention the calipers (I have a lot of junk, don't I?) Now we have-- the Gowear Fit! Yesterday's data presented in nifty bar format tells me I--

--burned 2427 calories (about 80 less than I was shooting for)
--slept 7.25 hours more or less straight
--spent 70 minutes in moderate activity and none in vigorous, though, I personally, experienced some of it as vigorous
--took 6811 steps

I also have a modest armband shaped indentation on my arm and I became aware that it doesn't go well with the dinner dresses I was trying on. (It's okay-- I'm not enough of a geek to wear it with dress-up gear.)

The Fit is supposed to get more accurate the more you wear it-- it gets to "know" your body as it fills in the blanks when you're not wearing it. The true test will be to see whether the projected deficit equals actual weight loss. I do need to move a little more to hit my target-- the above represented 27 minutes at the gym, a stroll after dinner and some modest tidying work here at home. I thought I'd make up the last couple hundred in RMR at the end of the day but evidently I need to go around the block twice. But I gather that's the whole idea-- to eke a little more activity out of you.

Next post I'll tell you what I know about the technology and limitations in case you're eyeing one. But in the meantime:

It comes from one of the processes of making woollen cloth. After it had been woven, the cloth still contained oil from the fleece, mixed with dirt. It was cleaned in a fulling mill, but then it had to be dried carefully or it would shrink and crease. So the lengths of wet cloth were stretched on wooden frames, and left out in the open for some time. This allowed them to dry and straightened their weave. These frames were the tenters, and the tenter hooks were the metal hooks used to fix the cloth to the frame. At one time, it would have been common in manufacturing areas to see fields full of these frames (older English maps sometimes marked an area as a tenter-field). So it was not a huge leap of the imagination to think of somebody on tenterhooks as being in an state of anxious suspense, stretched like the cloth on the tenter. The tenters have gone, but the meaning has survived.

That's my educational post for the month. Now I can go back to droning about my jeans size (the 14 at Jones New York was snug, but it didn't gap at the waist. I was seriously considering it.)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gowear Fit!

Oooh, ooh! My husband got my birthday present early. I've been wanting one bad but they are $$$ for a non-necessary toy. I didn't know he ordered it so I didn't have to be waiting on tenterhooks for it to get here (I don't know what tenterhooks are, incidently. Google!) I charged it up last night and put it by my bedside so I could open one eye and see when the light turned green, ready for use. It tells you how much sleep you got-- wild. He got me the display as well so I can inform you that so far I've burned 850 calories so far, mostly in basic metabolic activities I guess since I just got up. I'm all set up for a goal weight of 171 (my 10%), one pound a week, and have to burn 2550 calories a day to achieve that. The Gowear Fit confidently asserts I will reach this goal on September 26, 2009. I'll be keeping you posted!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Off the Deep End, Part I

I'm sure Part 2 will come around later.

I took the kids to the arcade the other day. Lately, thank God, my daughters are able to choose female characters for the skateboarding or race games. Since they are pixelated athletes, you get heights and weights, always interesting to the fat-loss-obsessed. For the boys, a little on the light side, I thought, but okay-- one male character was 6'2" and 172 lbs, for example. So a BMI of (google that calculator): 22. The only female had a nice rounded shape, not too skinny. Her fictitious height and weight? 5'6 and 108 pounds, for a BMI of 17.

No wonder I don't tell anybody what I weigh. I remember a young substitute teacher in high school, talking lusciously about the date he had lined up. He described her as 5'6" and 115 pounds. I was nearly 5'8" and had a terrible time keeping myself under 140 pounds. 136 or whatever I weighed at the time seemed like a badge of shame. And yet, you know what? I suspect most guys are not that good at guessing women's weights. Standard girl weight is supposed be 110 if you're short and 125 if you're not. At this friendly BMI site: (wish I knew how to hyperlink that for you), at 180 pounds I am at the 60th percentile for my age, which means... there are probably some other women out there you don't really feel like announcing what they weigh.

So where am I going with this? Just that I'm not going to be talking about my weight anytime soon In Real Life. I don't tell anyone, not my husband, my best friend, or my kids, though the former two could probably deduce it pretty readily from my open admission of how much weight I gained with my first kid. I'm the first to admit it's completely silly. It's just a number. My body is out there everyday for all to see: what does it matter what pull gravity exerts on me? I'm betting that most people, unless they are medical, personal trainers, or weight guessers at the fair, really have difficulty guessing weights. It's harder than portion sizes. One of the joys of weight training is that you get to kind of scoot around the weight thing. Muscle is heavy and compact. There's some healthy, tasty-looking men and women out there who weigh more than 172 or 125.

What about YOU? Are your blogs open to friends and family? Do you mind when other people find out what you weigh?

PS I did my 5-Factor today (50 lunges total-- just can't do 80!), even though I am still not 100%. Two days off seemed to help the plantar fascitis in my left foot. I ate well and didn't gain weight, so I'm hoping the mini-break was not a bad thing.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Don't feel good. Can't pin down what it is, just don't feel good mentally or physically. I worked a little today and I am going to take the kids for a round of minigolf. I will produce something for dinner and then I plan to crawl into a hole and arrange my tentacles around me like an octopus retreating into a crevice. So no working out and no awesomeness and probably no fat loss for a bit. I would love something refined and cheesy or jam-covered but I compromised on a piece of toasted Ezekiel and a whey shake. I'm waving a friendly tentacle at you all and hoping you have a great, health-enhancing couple of days.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Not so much on my Plan, because that is pretty darn flexible so that "Cheating" is much harder to manage. If I miss a day of exercise or eat one of my daughter's fries (did both yesterday) I don't consider that a cheat. I'll consider it Carb Refeeding, or Not Overtraining. See? It's all in the language. We'll see how far my semantics get me. Anyway, I'm not in the midst of a quart of strawberry ice cream, nor am I stepping out on my well-loved spouse. No, I'm posting before I exercise.

Didn't work out yesterday (apart from 2 mile AT walk with Dad) because I had a sinus headache at night. Mine are resistant so I figured I'd break into the heavy painkillers I have left over from some procedure, expecting a mild buzz and no headache as I drifted off to sleep. Well, maybe it was the lack of sufficient carbohydrates in my system, because I ended up feeling very sick, slightly dizzy, and sti1l had a sinus headache. Not to self: that's why the bottle's still full, goobnut!

I also want to take a minute to celebrate that I broke my plateau last week and it's still kinda busted. I am just over halfway to my 19 pound, ten percent goal. If I can get Cheat Day under reasonable proportions, I can see eating this way forever-- I feel good, I like the food, and I'm not hungry, or at least if I get hungry I don't have to stay that way. I miss the chips and potato skins and desserts during the week, but I have to admit I feel and digest better on non-Cheat Days. I doubt I will get truly thin as in BMI-of-22 on this system, but at this point I'm hoping I won't have to get truly thin. I just want to not be diabetic. That's not entirely in my hands, but I intend to do what I can.

Now I better work out. TWO rest days IS cheating.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Does anybody out there have teenagers? I'm trying to get them to age 18 without major weight OR body image problems, without the benefit of a beautiful food culture like France's (I went on exchange as a teenager and they do really well with food over there). My 17 year old son is 6'2" and about 180 and looks more or less trim, but he's a little obsessive, and I worry that he takes it all a little too literally. My 13 year old daughter is 5'8 1/2. I don't know what she weighs but she wears a six-- I'm guessing maybe 135. So they're both fairly normal in terms of weight and my main goal is to get them to 18 in that condition. The hard part is-- what do I tell them? How much do I control intake? Except for cheat days, we don't stock a lot of junk except for fudgesicles and chocolate (chocolate being a necessity for girls past the age of menarche, in my opinion). I keep tons of fruit on hand. My daughter loves carbs as I did at that age, where honestly I think your body is trying to collect nice healthy childbearing fat. She stays active (basketball team, goes outside to bike, swim and shoot hoops). She's also model-pretty, though not model-thin. Part of me would like her to participate in the power and perks of being absolutely flaming gorgeous, which in this culture requires that you're also very slim (for her, maybe eight to ten pounds lighter). And part of me recognizes that's stressful and unnecessary. Part of me is scared because she has a perfectionist streak and could easily take that ball and run with it. And part of me gets that it is none of my damn business.

My job is to pass on unconditional admiration and reasonably healthy eating/exercise habits. I do okay with that part, the tricky bits are-- do I raise my eyebrows when she has two helpings of dessert at her friend's house? (We don't usually do that at our house, Cheat Day excepted of course.) Do I mention that exercise, while healthy and helpful, won't burn off huge portions? Do I keep my mouth shut no matter what? Some of these weight loss/disordered eating blogs kinda stick it to the moms, who are blamed for a lot-- sometimes fairly, sometimes I'm not so sure. On Escape From Obesity, the blogger's mom used to make (diet) food for herself and not give any to her hungry 7 year old child. Now THAT will cause some disordered eating. On the other hand, I read one woman who blamed her weight on her mom's "one sweet thing a day" rule, which evidently caused her to lust uncontrollably after desserts. Would it have been better if Mom gave her unlimited access to the Pinwheel cookies? I have to try to find my way the best I can, which so far is-- emphasizing lots of activity and filling up on healthy foods and letting the weight fall where it may. That's my overt text. My subtext is more complex and probably less healthy. Would love to know how other parents handle it.

Today (because the memory part of my brain never worked well):

5 mins recumbent bike (what's with the dang thing, can't get my HR up at all)
4 sets of 20, for a total of EIGHTY, tap squats, 10 lbs in each hand
4 sets of 20 chest flies, ditto ten lbs
bagged my core till later (never know how long dad will be on the treadmill)
I think it was 12 minutes on the recumbent bike. I was reading. Somehow I'm not convinced that really qualifies, but I wanted to do something different.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Really Clean

In completely unrelated news, our vacuum finally disgusted my spouse to the point that we went out to get a new one. We took my dad. I was eyeing the Dysons on the pricey end of the Target line-up. I feel guilty about this, because I know that making moon eyes in front of my father and husband is powerful stuff, but they ended up splitting it and I am now the delighted owner of a REAL vacuum. This thing will suck out your SOUL. We collected really disturbing amounts of pet hair and nameless particulates. It's awesome.

So I am settling in for the evening with the virtuous feeling of the kitchen being clean (my dad cleaned it), the children fed (our friends fed them), the floors REALLY clean (we did that), and we both worked out and had a healthy and delicious salad for dinner (spring mix, turkey bacon, chopped egg, a bit of blue cheese and balsamic vinaigrette). Life is good. Knock wood.

I want to plan for this week as having A Plan last week helped me break my stall. In review, last week I did manage to:

1. avoid carbs at dinner
2. get some extra hikes in
3. do 4 out of 5 workouts
4. log

Did not do so hot with the HITT training-- managed a little tonight, but it was puny. For next week, I would like to continue with all the above and add one modest thing, which is

5. make some ice tea so I don't drink so much soda. Stuff is so sweet, I believe it makes you crave sugar. Oh, and a final goal, though I am wary of being able to achieve this:

6. do not make such a heinous piglet out of myself on Cheat Day. I should be enjoying Cheat Day and instead I feel sort of anxious and uncontrolled. Most of the time I feel well-nourished so it's not too hard sidestepping the junk. But not on Saturday. After a donut, two slices of pie and a nutty bar, my body is kind of throwing up its hands and asking, "What am I supposed to do with this? This is fuel?" You're sort of hungry even though you've had millions of calories. Not sure what the plan is for Saturdays but I'm open to suggestions (except for cutting out Cheat Day. No no no no. Cheat Day rocks.)

A great week to all of us.

Friday, July 17, 2009


First, Screamer Rock: It gets the job done. I'm one of those people who listens to the same song over and over until it loses effectiveness, then I switch to something else. I hate lunges, so this morning I was lunging to Flyleaf's "I'm So Sick," throwing my hair around and pretend drumming during the rest periods. Thank God my kids were asleep.

I squinted one eye and found some Before pictures. You can see why my web address is the Back Forty. Not that I don't have a certain affection for my butt-- not everyone can boast a butt this big-- but it's not like it's good for any practical purpose except I am comfie when I sit down! Don't knock it till you've tried it! When I look at these, I feel like a lot's happened in 6 or 7 weeks. This is only 8 or 9 pounds but I like to think it looks like more. They're all headless because God Forbid you should recognize me at Chili's and know that I listen to Screamer Rock.


To help me stop squinting, another look at the Halfway Pictures. (Not Halfway to svelte, just halfway to 10% which is all I'm prepared to commit to at this point.)
Someday I'll get good enough at blogger to put them side by side. I think my post portion is too narrow, it doesn't match up with compose. One day I'll learn how and pretty it up.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Helpity Again

I don't waaannna work out. It's ten pm. I had a four hour training at work and I mucked out my 7 year old's room and helped my daughter sort through four bags of hand me downs and played a little frisbee and I'm TIRED. I consider Tuesday Off, because I went to the amusement park instead of working out. But that wasn't really Off, was it? Many hours of walking? Couldn't today be Off?

I did log my food (1800 something) but I had a tortilla and a piece of chocolate in addition to my salad mix, onion, and 95% ground beef. And I ate one of my daughter's Now and Laters when I was cleaning her room. I feel sort of slinking and inadequate, like my dog when he's earned my ire for some reason. I also feel like I didn't burn off 1800 something calories. Guess we'll find out tomorrow. I hereby pledge to work out first, so the day doesn't get in the way.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I exercised. Kind of letter-vs-spirit type exercise, but done, so I get to post. This morning's conversation with the scale went as follows:

Analog: 183.
Me: I stepped on you kind of abruptly there. Did that hurt? How about I step very, very gently? Does that feel better?
Analog: Why, yes it does! 181!
Me: Are you sure? Because I wouldn't want to be rough in any way. See, I can get on very, very slowly and carefully, like this.
Analog: 181. Maybe 180.
Me: I'm so glad you feel that way. I'd hate to be a bother. I'll just gently slide off and step into the next room to gloat.


PS I logged (1900ish), had stirfry for dinner (no rice), and if you can count paddling + strenuous child monitoring during 2 hours of tubing, I guess I got some extra activity.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I don't know how you calculate the energy expended in 8 hours of amusement park, but I know I'm wiped. Amazed I had the oomph at the end of the day to carry 50 pounds of seven year old much of the way to parking lot. It was a fun day and next time for sure I'm bringing Daddy.

Dinner was eggs, turkey bacon, blueberries, 6 pecans, and a delicious, non 5-Factor piece of blue cheese because I was still hungry. About 1800 calories.

Yesterday I avoided carbs at night, tracked (it was a lot-- 1800ish), and walked in addition to a heavy workout (75 tap squats and dumbbell flys.) This morning the scale said 181 twice and I told myself, You fool, don't get on it AGAIN, it's just going to say 184! Take it and be happy! And I was.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Irrelevant Plaint

I spent a lovely summer day visiting with old friends, hiking on the AT, and 5-Factoring at the gym with my husband. The only wrinkle was dealing with a certain elderly, mostly harmless, non-blog-reading family member who shall remain unnamed, but happens to be the mother of my spouse. I call my DH the Human Valium. Which is good because the Unnamed, when wound up like one of those jittering toys that jerks around on your tabletop, definitely spikes your requirement for the benzodiazepines.

Today's drama revolved around taking her car to the shop. I am the appointed person for this task and to date I have never failed to perform, though one terrible day I did drive past the driveway before remembering and turning around, passing it off as "Just wanted to turn around first!" Unnamed reminded me several times about today's appointment. DH was tense enough to write the date on the calendar, set the alarm for me, and call me from work to wake me up in time. I was already awake, had it written on my hand (I've never forgotten to do this even once, mind you, though one time she slept through DD age 5's pick up time from kindergarten by half an hour, but I digress). I appeared at 8:10 for an 8:15 appointment bright eyed and able. We agreed that the shop closed at five and she would call to tell me when the car was ready so I could get her "at your convenience, it doesn't matter!" At 3:30 the car was ready. By 4:05, when I called her back, there were three messages on my various phones and two at my husband's office. She had already made arrangements with the garage to pick her up "because I couldn't find you and I didn't think you were coming!" I retrieved her up at 4:10 to find her visibly put out, with that tightlipped severity which clearly states I had screwed up badly by not being actively at the phone between 3:30 and 4:05 so that she could receive my personal assurances that I would pick her up and get her to the garage on time.

Since I don't actually have any benzodiazepines, it took me a while to wind down-- the more so, of course, because you can't say anything to anxious elderly relations: they just are, like weather. She passed her wigging out onto me and I passed it back down the line to my husband (only fair). I think it's finally dissipated into the atmosphere by now, but if you find yourself feeling keyed up, extra guilty, or irrationally ticked, it's probably my mother in law's car that did it.

PS I got a slowish walk in on the AT today (goal 2) and I had steak and vegetables for dinner (3). And I logged (1).

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Simple Plan

I need to take myself in hand. There is no really good reason not to be dropping a pound a week, am I right? So I'm going to put 10,000 gigabytes of conflicting weight loss into the hopper along with a little experience and personal prejudice and see what I want to try. I'll be an experimental group of one. (The last few weeks can be the control). I don't want to change too many factors at once, so let's focus on these, just for the week, to see if I can drop below 183.

1. Log my food (food diaries are supposed to help a lot).

2. Add two hour-long hikes to my five workouts-- I can commit to that even though my days are cut up. (Wasn't there some stuff about burning fat after 20 minutes, or is that hopelessly outdated?)

3. Eat protein and vegies or berries at dinner (no rice or grains-- avoiding carbs is supposed to encourage growth hormone at night, which apparently does good things.)

4. Continue with HIIT, or at least SHIIT (Somewhat High Intensity Interval Training--thank you Cranky Fitness!) I'm not very good at it, I only manage to get my HR up to 150 during my cardio bits.

If that doesn't work, my back is against the wall. 1600 calories it is :P

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I worked out (lunges, bleh!) so I could post this:

You go, Ruby!

Friday, July 10, 2009


I was reading Escape From Obesity today which is always moving and frank. It humbles me because while my life is busy-- three kids, 2 part time jobs, house, dog, yard-- I have plenty of help (two able bodied teens to help with the 7 year old, laundry and cooking help from my husband, and my sweet and wonderful father who is with us for the summer has taken over cleaning the kitchen). I can swing a gym membership (just Planet Fitness, but it helps) and I can ask the older kids to watch the little one so I can work out. Plus I have a good elliptical trainer, a weight bench, and basic weights at home. I can afford fresh food although I don't buy organics except for apples, peaches, and salad. Geez, I should look like Denise Austin by now, right?

I remember when I had two small kids and my husband was away long hours. It was very, very hard to exercise. Gym babysitting involved a lot of tears, my two year old hated it even when I traded with a friend and would sob the whole hour. I had a backpack but I could never quite see my way to the jogging stroller. My son used to try to climb on my back when I was doing floor exercises. And I swear my body was pulling hard to remain as round and padded as possible in case a crisis in the food supply rendered me unable to produce milk.

I'm not saying it's impossible to get fit with small kids, but it's not easy, especially with the under-four crowd. It's just as difficult for full-time workers. Who wants to get up at 6 to exercise? My DH has worked 10 hour days for years, with barely time to grab lunch, let alone visit the Y. What we've been doing lately is his working out for half an hour while I make dinner. He gets his protein/carb refeed right after and it gets done, and I get to admire the results.

Anyway: this post is dedicated to the people who find ways to be be good to their bodies even when circumstances are blocking them at every corner. Hats off!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Self Love

My main posting theme seems to be: Yay, I Did My Workout! I enjoy blathering about fat and fitness, so this constitutes an extra motivator for me-- I don't get to post until after I've exercised. Today's comments--

1. My DH and I are thinking of rearranging cheat day so that it runs 24 hours from Friday evening. I am somewhat suspicious of this idea. Seems like 2 days to run amok, although the thinking is that we would not go so wild if we didn't have to cram it all into one day. What do you think?

2. I heart Appalachian Trail walking, even though I saw a snake yesterday. It is one of the few truly pleasant forms of exercise, along with sightseeing in Italy and That Other Thing which shall remain unnamed in a PG rated blog.

3. I have gotten a little lost in Blogland lately. It's like sightseeing from your armchair, into other people's heads. The scenery is so wildly different. Some are sharp and funny, others sweet and mundane. Some people (based on their blogs anyway) seem to be tied up in knots so tight you just want to hand them a scissors. I read one today with one of those self-deprecating titles (now WHO would put up a title like that, hm?) The pictures showed a very pretty, mildly zaftig woman who seemed utterly obsessed with self-hatred over an extra 20 pounds. She even rejected That Other Thing, deciding it wasn't fun anymore because she was too fat. (I have been a fan of TOT up and down the BMI spectrum, and I have to say I found it just as fun at a BMI of 29 as a BMI of 19, but I'm off topic...) Anyway, it made me sad. It may be that she reserves her frustration for her blog, and in Real Life does fine... but it reminded me of a quote I thought very wise. A young woman was having weight trouble and she realized, I have two problems. One is my weight and the other one is feeling terrible about it. I can cut that problem in half. It was a weight loss book and I think the happy ending was that she ended up slimming down, but even if she hadn't, she would have saved herself a lot of unhappiness. I believe you can be motivated to change without self-hatred driving you.

Then again, maybe I spend too much time ballooning in Optimist Land-- it took a fasting blood test to bring me back down. That's another great thing about blogs. With all those fabulous before- and- after pictures out there, you don't want to let people down. I feel like I should scrounge up a good Before picture, pre-5-Factor. But then hunting out unflattering pictures of my previously much larger can is not really my favorite thing to do. If I get down that next ten pounds (which at my current rate of loss will be... let me get the calculator... ah yes: Never!), I promise I will post pictures of my rear acreage so everyone can be amazed and relieved at the change :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Reality Check

The Livestrong boards recommend measuring in many different ways, so hopefully something will have improved and you can feel encouraged. I took these pics this morning partly to distract myself from the scale not budging (dumb scale!) and the glucometer reading way high-- not diabetic high, but cheat day high. I will attribute that to the bean soup at Bob Evan's last night. I bet everything at Bob Evans has a sky-high GI index, even if it's not supposed to. My first pics had toothpastes bits all over the mirror. I hope everyone in blogland appreciates that I cleaned my mirror just for you.

This is what a BMI of 28 looks like after 5 weeks of 5-Factor. I still don't think I'm apple shaped, humph. I guess my beta cells haven't read the research.

I took this one to demonstrate the all important fit of the waist of my jeans. You big-booty ladies out there (not to imply that any of my distinguished readership has a big booty) will know what I mean.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The name of the deeply silly movie I am watching with the family post-workout. This week six stuff is kicking my butt-- 3 sets of 30 reps, yikes. Scale still heartlessly unmoved though I have been a good lass with my food. I want a Body Bugg. I think it might help me break through this plateau; although I could just break down and eat at 1600 (yuck) or add more activity (better).

Friday, July 3, 2009


I get to post. I did my workout, you see. Yesterday too. I didn't bust any gussets today because I took a lovely hour walk on the Appalachian Trail with my dad and five kids (two were borrowed). Also, I increased reps (Harley said to) to 30 with 3 sets, which kicked my ass yesterday. Today is lunge day. No way I can do 90 lunges, uh-uh. Did 45 and sprint/walked around the block for my bit of cardio afterwards.

Then I settled in cozily with my spouse and started reading scary things on the Internet about insulin resistance. I could be writing my sexy romance novel. What is wrong with me? There was some interest theories about how insulin resistance can cause weight gain (that sounds right to me), though if you Eat Like a Grown-Up in the first place, you can probably avoid a whole lot of grief. I am eating more or less grown-up now, though earlier would have been better, sigh.

On the bright side, that Finnish study suggests that doing what I'm doing (1/2 hour of exercise a day, cut trans/saturated fats, lose 5% of body weight, increase fiber) can fend off diabetes quite nicely. I'm going to stop testing BS every morning until I lose another five pounds or so, but I think I'm going in the right direction. Trying to talk myself into counting calories and limiting to 1600 a day for a while, see if I can make some more progress. Even though Cranky Fitness posted a link to an interesting study which found (like a 2005 study) that overweight (not obese) people actually live longer than normal weight people.

For this week, I need to:

--eat more fruits/vegies and less soy cereal. Too much Go Lean mixed with Go Lean Crunch (it's easy, what can I say)
--fill out the worksheets I will really truly print up tomorrow in preparation for Sunday (tomorrow being Cheat! Day!)
--chill out and have fun and stop reading scary articles
-- be happy about the fact that I bought a Medium shirt at the Gap and it fits, more or less. I mean, it has a slight quality of "Hi! Here's my rack!" but I can get it on and everything. That's the first Medium I've bought since my soon-to-be-a-12-grade son was born.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I worked out, so I get to post. By the way, this marks a Full Five Weeks, so my DH and I are officially Awesome, if you don't place too exacting a definition on that word. He always is, of course. I did 24 workouts in that time, which is officially the best workout record for me ever, including when I was a 22 year old 19% bodyfat frequent flyer at the gym.

Today's bits:

1. Guy WL blogs versus girl blogs. Not always true, but I find the guys tend to give bulleted lists of instructions. They communicate in directives. Girls are inclined to run on about every damn thing they ate and how they felt about it. I, of course, prefer minutely detailed discussions about my jeans and where I got them and what size they are and whether or not they fit my butt.

2. I get a kick out of Dietgirl. She's funny and foreign and does interesting stuff but my favorite parts deal with her flabbergasted affection for her Scottish husband. Her love for him just shines through. It's so dear. Likewise Crabby and the Lobster. Clearly I like reading about happy couples. Someone needs to set Pastaqueen up. She's so cute.

3. I was reading a WW blog trying to decide if I should do anything about the Momentum flyer in my mailbox. The author started at a similar BMI and is now much, much lighter. She had a tummy tuck and a breastlift, with pictures (not the breast part, though that would have been interesting). Leaving out the fact that I can't afford a tummy tuck, and my pale fragile skin does not look good scarred, and my tummy is not all that bad anyway-- why do I feel so threatened? She had it done, she's happy with it, so be it! Sheesh! Just because I can't justify spending all that money and undergoing a general anesthetic when I have children depending on me and explaining to my daughters that I disliked my body enough to have surgery-- does that mean I'm right? Live and let live, right? I must be secretly jealous. It would be nice to have a flawless bouncy body arrive like that Momentum flyer.

4. Per Tom Venuto, I need to keep shifting stuff to Break That Plateau. Ironic I lost all my weight so far in like the first 2 weeks, though to be fair my parts have continued to shrink. For this week, I'm going easy (No!). I'm going to make a little worksheet to record my food and whether it meets 5 factor guidelines, which are, as a refresher... let's see now... ah yes! (A) lean protein (B) low GI carbohydrate (C) a little good fat (D) no sugar drink (E) 5 grams of fiber. I am confused whether I should be adding beaucoup cardio which either (1) helps you lose weight or (2) trashes your muscle and doesn't help you lose any fat and don't do it, you fool.

5. Did you notice my bullet lists? Next post I'll reflect thoughtfully on everything I ate today. When other bloggers do it, I read with interest, I really do. That's because I'm turning into a fitness Pod Person. My brother's close friend in college was this gorgeous, boffo guy who was SO DULL because he could go on for hours about his playing weight versus his lifting weight, etc etc. I do that now. I try to keep it in Blogland and not paralyze my friends. The Best of Men commented last week that he was feeling sort of vain... but that's the only remark he's made. He's just not that self-involved. 'S okay, because I'm happy to take over the rapt admiration part.