Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hot 100 Update

Well, if you count today, which is okay going by the loosely worded "by next Wednesday," I met my goal of 4 5 Factor workouts.

I didn't blog until after my little one was in bed, hence the radio silence.

I am working on that seven pounds though no luck there as yet.

For next week, I would like to switch up the mini-goals a bit:

1. 4 5-factor workouts
2. Write down in advance for the day what I plan to eat and when. Doesn't mean I have to keep to the plan perfectly-- I just want a plan.
3. Keep the blogging outside family time (schooldays ok, in reason).
3. Big goal is still 7 pounds in the next-- what? 93 days? Anybody know?

My neighbor knocked on my door today to tell me I'm losing weight(!) Like my mother in law, she's reluctant to believe it's only about 15 pounds (I lost a few before I started my blog). She eyed me judiciously and with 76 year old frankness decided I need to lose another 15 and then I should stop, "so you don't get too thin." She herself has walked an hour a day since 1979-- didn't want to be walking with sticks when she got old. She dialed it down to 45 minutes when she turned 75. She still mows her own lawn and volunteers and she's as sharp as a tack. Funny how some people can comment and I'm pleased and amused and other people can say it and I just want to change the subject. I think what bothers me is any hint of a moral component. That or I'm persnickety. You think? :)

Zumba'd yesterday in addition to the 5-F and today I walked one gorgeous cool blowy hour on the Appalachian trail, dodging walnuts and fallen leaves.

For those that care about such things, here's a nice analysis of the CDC vs Harvard Nurses debate. Interesting stuff.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Little Mouse

I was feeding my second grader chocolate milk and crackers when I turned to put the crackers away and found a splay footed, blind newborn mouse on the floor. It was about the size of my thumbjoint, helpless and befuddled. I got a plastic cup and a piece of paper and deposited this tiny thing outside the fence where there are other field mice making a living.

Here's the thing, we're killing mice with snappy traps because my dislike of vermin has surpassed my soft heart. But I couldn't kill anything that small. If I were tough enough, these mice would all have been trapped to extinction. So now I have to worry (a) about this tiny mouse making it and (b) all his brothers and sisters being born in their scores and leaving poop in my pantry and my silverwear drawers, eating my paper towels for bedding, and making my coat closet smell like a hamster cage. Because I am not quite firm enough in my anti-mouse campaign. I managed to quit my job, but I feel I'm being commandeered/bullied/wheedled/guilted into working past when I wanted to-- because I have difficulty in setting limits and I feel badly they're so short-staffed. I'm just one flaming ball of diffidence lately.


I was going to post on bagging my 5-F workout for today. I reminded myself it's just half an hour, I'm not really too tired, I can go light if necessary-- well I did it even though it was 9:30 pm. So that's a line in the sand. Now all I need is a pair of kittens and something heavy to run over my Blackberry.

How's your resolve holding up these days?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Still Here

One of my mini goals for the Hot 100 challenge was to not blog this week until after the little one's in bed. Which I have done. Meaning that I am scarcely managing to post, here or elsewhere. Hmm. May need to revise that.

In other news, I resigned my old job with 2 weeks notice, which was painful though I felt better after it was done. They are hemorraging staff and I felt bad deserting, but it had to be done. They did tell me I was welcome to come back so I think I managed not too be too offensive in the process :) I managed to get off my first (I know, I know) job application. I will pipe in about my other mini goals as they come due at weeks' end and of course there are Those Seven Pounds. I should follow the example of the indomitable 266 and walk 15 miles at a stretch.

Enjoy your weekend, all! I'm sure enjoying mine!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

100 Day Challenge

I've decided on my goals for the Log My Loss 100 Day Challenge. I want to check out these peppers!

This actually took some thought (I'm a cautious soul), but I think I can lose the last 7 pounds to get to my 10%. That's 14 weeks, right? So far I've averaged .8 pounds a week, that's only half a pound a week, so even with the holidays (so many! so many good things!) I think I can do it.

1. is to lose 7 lbs by January 1.

Mini-goals for the next week:

2. Save blogging/reading until after my little one's in bed (8:30).
3. Four 5-factor workouts by next Wednesday. Got one in today (lunges! Ugh!)

Eating was not great today. I forgot how hungry weight-training can make me. Don't think I ate above maintenance and anyway I'm not going to worry about it too much. I bought what I thought were rice cakes (5-factor friendly) but were in fact Rice Snacks, so though low in calories you could eat a million and not really notice.

Shaking in my boots about those 7 pounds. What a chicken. Bawk bawk!

Somebody Slap Me

I have been like the walking dead this morning (I have a 17 year old son, so I am up on my zombie lore.) After an hour and a half nap, I checked the bottle of "ibuprofen" I took last night for my sinus headache. Ibuprofen PM-- with Benadryl. Oooooh! Been administering caffeine but I'm home alone today (my sweet father went back to Arizona yesterday) and I have no one to slap me, unless I can get either Mittens the hamster or the dog to do it.

I downloaded Lose It! for my Ipod Touch. It's fun and easy to use though the food database is limited. Scale's at 178 this morning, so I figure I'm doing all right. (It could very well have been 180 due to water retention, and I would have been very down on myself. Sigh.) It's funny, I seem to lose my pounds every 2 months in 2 pound increments. The Lickety Split Diet.

In the totally unrelated department, you might be amused by this link: How Women Choose Men. I always thought there was some kind of mystery element going on there. The biochemical glass shoe. Hey baby, check out my etchings and my histocompatibility complex.

South Beach Steve of Log My Loss has a good motivational challenge starting on his blog. I want to participate, which means figuring out which one habit would be the most helpful over the next 100 days. The challenge starts today so I need to figure this out by tonight and report back.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I have one of those brains (good for some things, not for others) which tends to hyperfocus. So whatever it is that interests me, I spend a lot of time on. When I was building a house, that was all-encompassing (except for the spousal unit and kids-- everyone still ate and wore clean clothes. More or less.) I used to spend a lot of time of financial sites, figuring out retirement accounts and trying to squeeze our family into a smaller size financially. It occurs to me I haven't read any money blogs in ages. I haven't been giving my nice house the care and attention it deserves. Let alone finding a job.

Eating healthy and getting out there to exercise has gone well this summer-- I'm delighted to be fitter, lighter, and eating better than I have in say, I dunno, twenty years? But I need to find a way to incorporate the changes I've made, automate them, and move on to the next things-- because as a mother of three with (modest) personal and professional goals, I have to be able to turn my focus to the next thing. Without sliding on the gains I've made.

I've come up with "meals" on the Daily Plate that can give me a rough calorie count.
I can assign days for workouts and classes.
I can come up with lunches/afternoon snacks that won't take me off course. (Those are my hardest times).
I'm divided about putting forth an all-out effort (Weight Watchers for example) to get off the remaining 4-10 pounds to make my 10%. (Depending on what number I'm counting from.) The plan has been to reach that admittedly not very low number (170 or so, BMI of 25.8, size 12) and hang out there for several months, possibly for life, depending how hard it is for me to drop lower.

Any advice? How do you all manage life + fitness + healthy eating?

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Gorgeous weather in our part of the world. I Zumba'd today, which is my version of interval training-- huff, puff. And this is what I ate:

B/ Scrambled eggs w/ 2% cheese, Ezekiel toast with Smart Balance

L/ Cherry shake (whey powder, low fat milk, and cherries), 2 oz roast beef, 1/4 of a Wegman's whole wheat ham wrap, 3 squares dark chocolate

S/ Skim milk latte with 2 t sugar

S/ Sugar free pudding with 1/4 cup chopped dates, 3/4 c bean soup

So far that's about 1370 calories, 48% carbohydrates, 27% protein, and 25% fat, with 174 grams of carbohydrates and a rather lame 17 grams of fiber. Dinner is meant to be a piece of made-by-me chicken parmesan and spring mix with either vinaigrette or some sort of prepared dressing. Clearly could benefit from some more veg/fruit in there-- always a work in progress.

I need to get back to my weights. Zumba is a blast, but I intended it to replace trail walking for extra calorie chewing, not my 5-factor workouts.

Check out this interesting post by Amazon Runner about why she feels more comfortable with bodybuilders than with dieters.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Intermittent Hotness

Watching a nature show on High Def (new TV) which always raises the question: why don't they throw that starving bear a steak? Better make my Nature Conservancy donation.

I wanted to rush to you all my gleanings from Women's World which I scanned while waiting for my husband to pay for the groceries. Whenever he's with me, I reason that only one person can fit next to the cart and let him do the unloading while I furtively check out OK! and Dr. Oz tips and whatever other publication I am too cheap or too embarrassed to buy. In four minutes I gathered these tips from Tara of Biggest Loser fame:

1. No carbs after 4 pm (encourages growth hormone)
2. Eat at regular times (tends to decrease your calories apparently, lighter people do this)
3. Lots of water (increases metabolism by 3%); Tara drinks it with fiber powder
4., 5., and 6. My husband was done checking out and giving me that look so I'll have to give you the rest after my next grocery store visit. These generally occur daily, or, in some cases, twice a day, so stay tuned!

The scale was more conciliating this morning, 178 and a bit, so I felt more encouraged, game, and able. Also Zumba! helps. I enjoyed a short period of Temporary Hotness. Ever gotten that? It's where your testoterone or endorphins or whatever it is gets activated by vigorous exercise and briefly you're all that. Until it wears off. Shortly after Zumba ends, leaving behind a middle-aged sweaty person with mad scientist hair. Anyway, I suspect (follow my reasoning closely here), the secret lies in fewer calories. Possibly even counting them before they're eaten instead of after. It's crazy, but it just might work.

In the encouragement department, I offer the following if you haven't already caught these great posts:

From Cranky Fitness, It's Not All That Gloomy.

Losing Weight After 45 has this really cool video link which shows what happens when you do your workouts.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments. Feels like 80% of the work is making sure the road ahead is clear, and you all shout out the hazards, set out the caution signs, and wave off the traffic. Now I just have to operate the dozer.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spiral Argument

First off, let's get this out of the way: Wednesday Weigh In was a bust. It's That Time of the Month so all my care and restraint yesterday (only 1 square of chocolate!) resulted in 179 if I sort of squint and lean. Otherwise 180. This would make a very dull graph. I admit I'm bummed. I was hoping to float down gracefully like a leaf to a new, sustainable weight, somewhere below the 170 range. I've been lifting my weights and shaking my booty and hiking virtuously on the trail. In my longtime mental scrip, if I made the changes I've made, I'd be at a healthy weight. But my calories are probably in the 1700-2000 range, and it's becoming clear that's a maintenance range for me. So now it remains to be seen what I'm going to do about it.

I am chary of setting goals and failing, as I have this half-baked but sincerely held idea that failure can turn into a habit. I hope to promise less and perform more. To look nice I need to lose 20-30 pounds, but if I lose 8 more, that's my ten percent, which is supposed to be associated with worthwhile improvements in blood sugar and blood pressure. I know I could just buckle down and cut calories more sharply, but I have a (possibly unreasonable) terror of yo-yo-ing. Right now I'm not in a fight with my body and I like it that way.

Well, y'all just leave me wrestling with myself. I'll figure it out.

I want to give a cheer to The Road Curves Ahead for her foray into Zumba! And I just found a couple of wonderful blogs, both bloggers in maintenance-- The Tippy Toe Diet (boy can I relate to that title!) and A Shade of Gray" (that too, come to think of it.)

Also, here's a picture of my Mums and Corn. All three males of the house (father, husband, son) sailed by them without noticing. Both daughters were thrilled. "Mom, they look great!"

Monday, September 14, 2009

So Is Obesity Dangerous, or What?

Some of my cohort may remember this:


Well, ok, you may have to enter "Confuse A Cat" in the search line for the Monty Python skit. Go ahead, it's fun. That's my last link for this post. You'll have to take the rest on faith. Only so much putting off of actual productive work is allowed.

I have a tendency to stay up too late reading weight loss articles on the internet. Show me a chubby person with an inquiring mind and I will show you someone who's absorbed a lot of conflicting weight loss research. Most of us are more or less familiar with the 2005 CDC study which was confirmed by a more recent Canadian Study (Must. Not. Link. Time consuming!) Using actual recorded heights and weights and thousands of folks, it was found that being overweight is better for longevity than being of normal weight, as defined by BMI in the usual ways. Even being obese was not particularly dangerous. It wasn't until the point of morbid obesity that there were increased risks of death associated, and those were actually not as bad as the risk of being underweight.

These two studies reach opposite conclusions from another large, well-regarded study, the Harvard Nurses' Health Study, which found what I understood to be a somewhat increased risk of death for a BMI over 25 (relative risk 1.28) which climbed to a relative risk of 2.something for BMIs over 30. Gaining more than 30 pounds over the age of 18 (gulp) seemed to be a bit of a cliff so far as disease incidence. There was a study of Swedish men which reached a similar conclusion. Twice the risk of death is not negligible, eh?

So how did four large, carefully designed studies conducted by scientists with lots of letters after their names and a firing squad of educated scrutiny arrive at such vastly different conclusions?

I gather that the Harvard Nurses (well, no, their lead researchers, including the well-regarded Walter Willett of Eat, Drink and Be Healthy fame) accuse the CDC of not excluding smokers and the sick from their numbers. We all get that people can get thin as part of getting sick and in fact getting thin from sickness usually indicates a pretty serious problem. The CDC's answer? They ran the numbers both ways-- both including and excluding those people-- and the differences were not significant.

Meanwhile, the CDC claims that Willett's group used a mostly homogenous population (mostly white and educated). More importantly, they claimed that Willet's group cherry picked their cases, in some cases excluding 90% of deaths by theorizing that those nurses had some underlying ailment which would confound results.

I read Dr. Willet's book and he struck me as a straight up guy. It bothers me to think that he would perform sleight of hand with data in order to demonstrate that being fat is bad for your health. Moreover, I haven't seen any studies that convince me that the association of obesity with Type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer, gallstones, and heart disease is null. It's a stretch for me to think that, yes, getting fat makes you more prone to Type 2 diabetes, but that won't affect your longevity. The head of the CDC distanced the agency somewhat from their own conclusions-- This doesn't make it okay to be fat, despite what our study says! was the take-home message.

On the other hand. The CDC and Canadian studies were large studies. My doubts were somewhat soothed by their insistance the numbers were run both ways. Moreover, scientific and social pressure is decidedly in favor of proving that obesity is bad, so I would imagine they were pretty sure of their stuff before they stepped forward. I would like to see a good explanation from the Harvard group of which deaths they chose to exclude and why. If possible, it would be nice if data from both studies could be run the same way, although I am sure there are important statistical reasons why this can't be done. And I would really like to read the studies which are driving the weight loss surgery industry (ok, I'll provide a link: this site has some eye-popping things to say on the subject, though I am not completely sold). We often hear that someone has been told they will die in a year or two years if they don't lose weight, causing them to undergo weight loss surgery which is not exactly minor stuff. We worry about our loved ones in the 300 plus weight class. We measure our waists and now our thighs with a hint of anxiety-- are we okay? A scientifically-based answer seems to be as far away as ever.

Even more to the point-- and more difficult to study-- is whether losing weight actually improves mortality? As far as I know, this has never been shown (or not shown, for that matter).

For those of us worried about diabetes, the debate is kind of academic. I haven't seen anything remotely convincing that fat is unrelated to Type 2. There is good encouraging evidence that losing weight and keeping fit can postpone diabetes. Moreover, unless I have been brainwashed by the diet industry, my personal study group of one has found that reducing the amount of sugar and refined foods in my diet coupled with weight training and hiking (don't forget Zumba!) has:

1. Improved my energy and mobility. Watch me run in kickball.
2. Improved my blood pressure.
3. Reduced cravings.
4. Dramatically increased the number of middle-aged guys who check me out in the supermarket.

It remains to be seen whether I'll see improvements in blood sugar. And I don't have a twin who will agree to stay at 195 pounds and fairly sedentary in order to compare what would have happened. I have to do the best I can with the information I have (dang it-- AGAIN.)

I welcome your own thoughts/late night researches on the subject.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Know that feeling after you've had a challenging workout (Zumba!), a dip in the pool, and a warm shower? Your tummy's full of nice things, the afternoon sun is slanting through the windows, and you're curled up in a corner of the family room with your laptop and your kids. You're also listening to the Parent Trap with one unwilling ear (7 year old girl) and half-watching Lara Croft commit mayhem on the LCD TV (17 year old boy), but it's all good.

One of my favorite yummy things:

Cherry Shake

1 c 1% milk
1 c crushed ice
1 c frozen cherries
1 scoop whey powder

Whizz it all up in a blender. Yum.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


That's Pilates + Yoga for the uninitiated, which was me until 3 hours ago.

I'm hastening on from my last post. I feel like I kind of threw up on my blog. Sorry, guys.

I actually did get a little nauseous from this evening's Pi/Yo. I recaptured my gym bag and made another attempt in the afternoon. Imagine someone in an ADD fugue state, expecting some quiet breathing and gentle, centering exercise, being guided into intensely difficult throw-up-y postures set to aquarium music. It was hard and it was dull and I did a lot of shaking, all of it unintentional. The instructor was extremely nice and the other students have my utmost respect. I barely got out alive and they were agreeing it was so much easier than straight Pilates. I am now terrified of Pilates, though I am looking forward to another go at Zumba! (You have to write Zumba! with an exclamation point. You just do.)

I also want to get back to 5-Factoring, because 75 tap squats with Muse blasting in your ears is soooo much easier than those evil plank thingies (who thought up those?) and Jane Fonda-style leglifts which if it were up to me would have been left stranded back in the '80s. I was also displeased with my tummy at Pi/Yo. I could deal with being crimson-faced and unattractive while upside-down, but I was not so accepting of what I am suspicious is a mushier tum tum. What's that about? I haven't gained weight! I think it's because I've strayed from the faith and haven't done my weights since Monday. I'll try to rectify that and I'm sure my tummy will shrink right back into line. Right? Right.

I Would Like a New Brain, Please

As you may have heard me say before, I'm not that self-recriminating about my weight. I've been annoyed and inconvenienced, but I rarely got tearful or wanted to throw darts at my own picture.

But I am not a stranger to self-hatred, alas.

I am what I'd guess you'd consider sort of mildly and functionally ADD. I got decent grades in school, made it through a competitive college, got through nursing school and more or less survived on the telemetry floor (which is a terrifying place for a first-year grad, especially one who's agreed to be oriented "flexibly" and part-time.) So I'm not totally incapable, right? But there are days I just want to screw off my head and ask for another one.

I've been particularly plagued lately-- that Cobra bill is weighing on my mind. I could go back to my old job on the old terms-- I think-- but I want to move forward. I need to find a new job, preferably forward my career. I don't have to make boatloads of money but I do need to work part-time because of my family responsibilities, and I really need health insurance. (In Canada this would be a non-problem, but I am trying hard not to make my blog political. Health is bipartisan!)

I cannot remember a DAMN THING these days. I can't make iced tea without screwing it up, because I'm trotting upstairs for this email or that packet and oh God did I call my mother in law back? And what am I going to say to Judy when I really don't work to for her next week... I never wrote back to Brenda... Thanks for calling, I'll drop off that time-sheet, but I can't see patients today because my husband's assistant is off this week and he needs me to fill in... Geez, Dad's back still hurts, is he okay? Does he need me to go to Urgicare with him? I have to pick up the little one from school and I haven't said hi to my older daughter yet, I don't want her to feel neglected. I can't believe I still haven't sent for that transcript, I can't apply for the job I want till I get it. That SAT packet's not in, I still haven't submitted my son's senior picture. Can I make the 5:30 yogo? What about dinner?

Like that. My head is a like a hive of bees with organizational problems. I tried to get to yoga today and while I remember to bring six of the seven things I needed to have with me, I forgot the eighth (the yoga bag which I had carefully packed.) My load is not any heavier or more complicated than most, a lot lighter than some. But the extra stress of job hunting (and any mother of children knows the daunting childcare tangles which come with a new job) seems to have put me on the fritz.

My little one is like me in more than looks. Two sweaters have been left at school so far and we're only a week in. I was actually tearful today because I don't want her to grow up like this. There are strategies to deal with it, just like there are strategies for weight loss. I know the naturally methodical will be out there wondering, "But why doesn't she just--?" Believe me, I'M TRYING, just like the eating disordered person is trying to stop when they are full. When things get extra-stressful, we become more like ourselves, and my hidden disability is not so hidden.

Wish me luck, guys.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Crazy busy day, but I gotta post about ZUMBA!

It's FUN. We signed up at the Y yesterday so we'll be able to do something besides elliptically training or slipping on icy trails outside. I was particularly interested in the classes. Well, I have to consult my band for the calorie burn but I am expecting good news. Caveats for the unitiated:

1. Wear good support. I could not publicly clutch my chest during class, though you do just about everything else in Zumba. I need a better sports bra or possible two bras.

2. Do not wear slightly oversized pants. I kept showing my tummy and the band of my Fruit of the Looms. Not sexy.

3. Double tie your shoes (I appreciated this caution from the teachers.)

4. Leave inhibitions outside. There is so much booty-shaking and hip flexing in this class, I was deeply grateful it was all-female, though I am usually all about co-ed exercise.

I was deeply grateful for those trail walks which kept me from gasping excessively or having to take long embarrassing breaks. I thought I did great (remember, I am the Queen of Moderate Expectations). I told the instructor (18 pack abs) how fun the class was. She blinked at me kindly and assured me "It gets easier with practice!" Ah well! Legend in my own mind, yet again!

I bought tighter pants and I am ready for more ZUMBA. Just not today!

PS My Gowearfit reports that my hour of Zumba burns a stupendous 450 calories, as opposed to about 300 for an hour of hiking or 150 for an hour of getting ready in the morning(two-story house, so stairs with that), and about 80 for sleeping. Funkadelic, huh?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So Am I Being Stubborn?

I logged onto Sparkpeople yesterday, just to check it out. It's actually a really cool site and if you're looking for buddies, it's a great place to visit. It also develops a program for you. It was trying, unsuccessfully, to convince me that I wanted to eat between 1200 and 1550 calories. And my response was, Not.

I know compared to some I am agonizingly sloooooow. But my weight is very stable-- I don't up and down much. If I were to stop right now I wouldn't freak about maintenance, because what I'm doing is reasonably comfortable and sustainable. If I'm hungry, I can eat something rather than fretting about my calories. It doesn't make for very suspenseful reading though-- "Blogger Loses Two Pounds In Six Weeks!" I commend you all for hanging with me. And I want to be VERY clear that I am not knocking the faster route-- there's a lot to be said for just getting it the hell over with. If I were on WW I'd be fifteen pounds lighter than I am and getting the feel of maintenance rather than semi-maintaining my way down there.

I must say, though, I am thrilled to have dropped 2 pounds recently. That's a huge deal for me. My blogger buddy Steve consoled me when I posted "Still!" last time. I meant that to be a happy "Still!" because I didn't put my 2 pounds back on. I don't lose weight at the rawesome rate he does. (He's a guy, but he also does killer exercise and is a vegetable-eating machine). Kudos also to The Road Curves Ahead and 266 because they are also quietly dwindling at a stupendous rate.

Monday, September 7, 2009



5-factored at the gym with DH this morning. Tried figuring out my food the day before on The Daily Plate. I didn't eat precisely from my list, but roughly so. Calorie burn was 2200 yesterday-- somehow I met my steps/activity, maybe walking around at Ikea and bouncing on our friends' trampoline with the kids after having completed my 300 miles of driving.

Thanks to Linda of The Diva Weigh for my lovely blog award! I am honored!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oh Hell

This morning the scale said 178.5. I've been working on this for six weeks and I finally get a loss-- and today is Cheat Day, combined with 300 miles of driving + not much exercise = shoot. My best friend lost her mom unexpectedly. She needed me to drive her to Columbia and then BWI which with the return trip amounted to about 6 hours of driving time. I was glad to go, you want to do something dramatically helpful under these circumstances, but I missed my exercise. I wish they would invent a pedal car option, with speed. Or a tank that could suck fat directly from your thighs. Speaking of which, in the Woot category, I offer the following:

Thighs R a Good Thing

Next will be a study proving that homemade apple pie improves triglycerides and reduces the appearance of spider veins.

PS I never posted about my conclusion about the Concerta experiment. Don't think it's going to work out between us. One day of concentration + concerted, fairly useful activity followed by two days of feeling trashed, like I'm a four-cylinder engine that somebody's tried to street-race. Darn. Have to stick with iced tea.

PPS I don't think I even want to weigh tomorrow. I'll be so bummed. I could have laid off Cheat Day but I delayed for the Labor Day picnic and everything. Hopefully with helpful behavior on my part I'll see the 170s again soon.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


I yanked yesterday's post, deciding it was a) boring and b) downbeat. Not the direction I want to go. The problem is really that I need to find a new job, and between that and my fat-losing efforts I am one long parade of Positive Action Steps. When really my preferred Action Steps look like this:

1. stay in bed with my husband
2. eat marmelade toast
3. play Sims

So, okay, not happening, but at least I am going to cut myself a break on reporting back on Iced Tea Drinking and the like when I really need to be ordering transcripts and figuring out to apply for positions on diabolically complicated websites. I am still going to check in regularly, post my Wednesday weights, and keep up with what I'm doing now, but I am going to delay the next push to lose weight until October, hopefully after I've found a new job. I'll still be part time so I should be able to protect my time to exercise and make sure everyone eats more or less properly. I'll be keeping up with you all and cheering you on.

PS DH lost another 4 pounds. He is now 230 (6'3") and has lost about 20 pounds over the summer. Yay, DH!

PPS I walked on the AT with No. 1 son yesterday (more bonding!), plus we played some vicious basketball with our Friday complement of teenagers. My daughter rocks. She can make baskets from our equivalent of half-court. Amazing how much harder you work when it's competitive. I burned 200 calories in less than an hour according to my band. (My band is stingy, so I was impressed). I've been working out much more than DH so it vexed me that he got less tired than I did. He assures me it's because he plays smart, not hard.

PPPS Burned 2415 per my band. Takes a lot to break 2500. Maybe if I got on the trail and walked for 2 hours versus one... but am I going to keep that up long-term? Likely not.

PPPPS I'm rambling. Have a great weekend, all!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Since this blog is (please God) totally anonymous, I will reveal something shocking: I took one of my son's 36 mg Concerta today. My husband who is in the business of diagnosing these things thinks I have ADD, though he is tactful about it. Once every few years I try one of my son's meds, feel great, get a lot done, tell myself "I need to ask for this!" and then don't sleep until four am. I took it early today: if I can sleep tonight, I will check with my doctor about a scrip for myself. Not for daily use but for those days when I need to be sharp. My son takes them on school days-- he's been off and on over the years; they tend to be more effective after the summer break when he's been months without. I made awesome knocks in my to-do list today. It remains until tomorrow for me to look back and make sure I was not producing complete crap. Definitely in overdrive though. I determined I MUST GO BUY CLOTHES for my second grader, who has outgrown her school stuff. My husband took me to the mall and had to gently extract me from Gap, where I was haranguing the hapless saleslady because they didn't have anything off the website. "18 milligrams for you" was my husband's comment. I may need to have my VISA on ice if I do get a scrip for these things.

The report:

1. write and track calories-- check (about 1700 though there is some guessing there)
2. more iced tea, less soda-- ran out, need to make it, 2 sodas ugh
3. calorie chewing trail walk-- trail walk yes, calorie chewing is a question mark. Went with my dad who was feeling creaky today. But he was grateful to go and I get filial bonus points, exchangable for valuable karmic prizes.
4. no work-out today-- manana!
5. still need to charge my darned band

So a mixed report, but not too bad. I do want to break into the 170s for next week. If I can knock off 4/5 every day, I am hoping I'll be able to get there.