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Update and Podcast Review

I've decided my new blog format is super annoying. Back to the drawing board.

Bullet-style update:

Things I've been doing regularly (I won't say mastered-- borrowing trouble):

Eating 3 meals on a 16:8 schedule, no snacks.
Doing 1 Sun Salutation daily.
Having "gut food" q meal  (The Good Gut).

Tweaks I'm trying to incorporate:

Having my sweet with lunch.  Vegetables lunch and dinner-- rainbow salad is easy, and quite nice with raisins and seeds.Resistance training. I've been swimming/water jogging and I just went to Zumba (OMG, serious HIIT for my aerobically out of shape self).More water-- BECAUSE Ray Hinish of Cut the Fat (more on that later) says it can help lower cortisol in the blood.
Recent observations:

Bagel, bean soup, and candy for lunch = total somnolence and a lost afternoon. Vegetables, chicken, and a roll = energy and feeling good.

Water walking is good for the glutes.

Recent fasting blood sugar was 88, yay.

The Review:

So I highly recommend C…

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