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Making up my mind about this goofy new template. I'll try it and see.

Still 16:8 intermittent fasting, or as I prefer to call it, time restricted eating. (That way you don't have to worry about backblow from the word fasting, which I would have viewed with misgiving a few years ago.) ((Also if you say time restricted feeding, that implies you are a lab animal not in control of your mealtimes, which kind of feels right when you are subbing in certain very busy health rooms, but is not technically true. Good for finding studies on Google searches though.))

Interesting to check back at my earlier posts. That surge in aches and pains is gone. It's weird, because how could something as mild as not eating for 16 hour stretches have caused me that discomfort? But it did.

Let's make a bullet-style list of improvements I've noticed, from least to most favorite:

8. Preventing weight gain.   I'm the same weight in spite of eating all of it over Christmas, just with 16 hou…

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