Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chalk Another One Up for the Obvious

Time for a bullet list.

*Still gushing about my phone app.  I use Lose It, there are a bunch out there.  I have generally failed spectacularly at food tracking.  With the scanning doohickey, this takes seconds versus minutes busy people like me cannot possibly spare when we have important  Babylon 5 reruns to watch (kids are at camp, can you tell?)  I'm finding that it shapes my behavior and of course I obnoxiously prod my loved ones about what does and doesn't constitute a good calorie value.  Aiming for 1700-1800 and I do eat back exercise calories, though I'll stop if I am not pleased with my progress.

*Have boldly faced my glucometer (100 fasting) and my myomeasure, which is my gadgety measuring tape which makes a loop & tightens in a way that is supposedly statistically more reliable (or is it valid? And I just had Stats).

*This is me in the dress for my friend's wedding with my head cut off.  No one gets to see my head.  It is classified.  You can also see that I am experiencing a jewelry crisis.  MIL lent me plain pearls.  You think?

*If you could use a giggle, check out this one this one from Jack S__.

*Finally, have been doing my 25 minutes weights/abs/cardio routine in the mornings since that's supposed to help with insulin resistance and cravings.  It does help.  

*What the hell is up with my background text color? 

Friday, June 15, 2012

That One Again

First:  results from yesterday.  Yes, all those techniques worked brilliantly.  Any hunger I felt was tied to direct need, rather than that restless "something's not right" feeling.  Per my phone app (this thing is a BLAST, you just scan barcodes for the most part and the most obscure foods come up instantly) I ended up at about 1940 calories and 194 carbs, or a Zone-y range of 33% fat, 38% carbs, and 28% protein.  It was a lot of calories but I lifted weights, took a short bike ride, and tromped around Hershey Park for 3 plus hours, so I feel good about it.

Today I had popcorn for a snack which I suspect is a no-no.  You can founder yourself on air-popped popcorn for relatively modest calories, but I'm past 200 carbs already and I haven't had dinner yet.  Also under the weather today so I'm not going to exercise & it will be more difficult to use them in a productive manner :)

My husband and youngest daughter came home from Florida today.  Woot!

Bought some spinach.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll attempt my first green smoothie.  Way behind the pack here, but that's okay.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

End Run

Sweet cravings have been a problem for me since, oh, forever.  When I first went on old-style Weight Watchers I was all of 13 years old. I was surprised how full I felt and how I was able to resist sweets-- don't forget, that was back in the high-protein days when you were limited to 2 slices of bread a day and there were no sweets allowed at all.  Classmates knew I was good for a cupcake when treats were passed out (rarely back then-- not out of fear of obesity, maybe it just wasn't expected or thought of or would have been considered spoiling).  Come to think of it, I am rather proud of that diligent young person turning down cupcakes.

Which illustrates the difficulty.  One cupcake would not have made me fat.  It was stimulating of the desire for sweets that could (and did) make me fat.  Personally I think my (then) hypoglycemic body was particularly crappy at handling sweets and that is true for many of us.  Which brings me to last night-- I was feeling fine, had a leftover tootsie pop (don't ask), wasn't sure if I needed it, thought why not-- and then spent the evening uncomfortably struggling with the drive to eat sweet things.  (Fell into cereal and raisins-- just as much sugar/calories as cookies.)

Since I firmly feel that the best way to manage bad situations is not to get into them, what prevention efforts work?  Shall we use a bullet list? I love bullet lists.

  • Morning exercise-- according to the Great and Powerful Oz, this helps address problems with glucose tolerance and I have found it experientially to be very helpful.  Especially weight training for some reason.  In my head?  Dunno.
  • Protein, fiber and some fat at every meal.
  • I'll bet drinking water would help.  I resist this.  Ah well, I'll get a glass when I'm done.  Promise.
  • Bag the diet soda.  Sigh.  See above.
  • Don't stock raisins.  
  • Measuring portions and knowing how many calories and carbs I'm eating.
  • And--?
  • And what else?
  • Open to more ideas here.
I am also amassing ideas for good meals, so here's breakfast today:

Chocolate Protein Shake

1/2 c water
1/2 c whole milk
1 T flaxseed
1 t honey
1/2 scoop whey powder
2 T unsweetened cocoa

Also Ezekiel toast and PB.  1 T PB had more calories than the Ezekiel per my phone app.  Eye-opening, isn't it?

Delicious and it stuck with me solidly for four hours.

The neckless guys with big shoulders and tight pants (sweet cravings) are coming at me.  Let's see if I can outwit them before they knock me down and give me a repeat concussion.  Ok, the analogy doesn't hold all the way.  You get the idea.