Just Do It

Applies to so many things, doesn't? Including that blog post to keep you on the straight and more or less narrow path.

I just got back from my family reunion, which I loved, and which is also giving me a great subject for my post: MY DEAR AUNT.

This is my Aunt. I am shamelessly posting a picture of her because I think she's so pretty. She is a former ballet dancer who ran an aerobics studio back in the 70's when aerobic dance was still a pioneer concept. She gave up running because of a no-cartilage knee, but she is still using the elliptical daily and lifting weights three times a week. She prefers a high-rep, lower weight routine which is what I like myself (3 sets of 20 reps). She emphasizes the importance of "real" pushups for women and showed me how to practice from a plank position. She can do them fine. I can't.

She's seventy three years old, people.

My aunt was a beauty for most of her life but she's not in it for cosmetic reasons any more. She works out to maintain function. She moves like a young woman. She can supervise ten grandkids for a day and follow up by making dinner for 16 because she's taken good care of her body. When she is caring for a grandchild, she is not only able to give her full mindfulness (and her cognition shows no signs of aging); she can play on the floor or move the kid from place to place or whatever is required.

I want to be her when I grow up.

That means I have to get back on the road. Too much sugar this weekend (what is it with family reunions that makes you crave chocolate?) I am struggling to get away from the stuff again. I hope to be able to report in tomorrow that I am back to eating well and training with weights. Can't wait to catch up with everybody!


  1. I'm with you, I hope to be able to report tomorrow that I am living healthy as opposed to the crap I've been doing.

  2. So true. If you take care of yourself, it's not just that you look good, you feel good.

    I have friends,younger then me, who move and act like old people already.

    One of things I've learned from yoga and Tai Chi is the importance of maintaining your ability to balance. If you can balance, there's less chance you'll injure yourself in a fall.

    One day my friends were discussing how they all feared walking on ice. That's a balance issue. If you work on balancing, then walking across ice is a breeze. I know, I do it all the time in the Winter.

    BTW, you've got great aging genes in your family.

  3. What an inspiration! She is indeed beautiful. Certainly a testament to keeping fit and healthy.

  4. YES! People like your aunt are my guiding lights. I want to be as energetic and capable as they are when I get to be that age.

    Kudos for getting back on track!

  5. Very beautiful!!! I am with you this weekend threw me way off.

  6. She's beautiful, and I'd like to be like that when I'm 73 as well.

    You will do great getting back on track. I hope your stress level is coming back down to manageable.

  7. That is a great testament! I would love to be able to say things like that when I am that age.

  8. I read this and wondered HAVE YOU TOLD HER THAT TOO?
    I had an experience recently where I was yammering TO someone (else) about a woman I admired and it hit me AllAtOnce Id never told HER.

    love this post and tribute.


  9. 73?! Seventy-three must be the new 45 or something. Great testimony about how exercise and healthy eating is for more than aesthetics. (Has she ever had lurking diabetes?)

    "Just Do It" - yes, a good motto for many things. I'm telling myself that whatever it is I want/need to do doesn't have to be perfectly done, just done.

  10. I haven't seen any posts lately - I hope all is well.

  11. She's stunning!
    Reminds me of my mother in law who's 80 and goes like a 20 year old.
    Hope you're doing well, I realize this post is a few weeks old now. This is the first chance I've had to read blogs in a while.

    Keep on keeping on, and yes, JUST DO IT.

  12. Wow! She does not look her age at all! She looks stunning!

  13. I'm sure you are just lounging around on some beach with a cabana boy fanning you while you sip on some drink with an umbrella in it.


  14. I regularly walk/jog around the Nike World Campus, and thus have a lot of chances to see t-shirts that say "Just do it."
    I fantasize about making a t-shirt that says "Just did it."
    Okay, maybe with the graphic of a couple sitting in bed and smiling.
    On the other hand, maybe I should just let people draw their own conclusions. I can't help it if their minds are less pure than mine :)


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