Sunday, May 31, 2009

Check In

Five factor workout complete (early, yay).  I took measurements even though I have not pulled off the Amazon Prime membership and bought the cool thing.  To wit:

Bust (somehow I never pull the tape tight on this one) 42
Waist 33
Hip 45
Thigh, a mighty 28
Arm 13

We are stocked up on Ezekiel Bread, deli turkey, whey powder, fresh fruit and Lara Bars.  Here comes the week...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cheat Day!

I woke up this morning, the sun was pouring through the windows for the first time in days, nobody had to go to work, and it was Cheat Day.   No. 1 daughter made pancakes, and I had a couple of those, plus several of the oatmeal cookies I've been hankering for since the girls made them yesterday, and did a good bit of mowing, weeding, and planting.  I used my new Japanese Weeding Knife which is merely awesome.  DH and I stowed the kids with various friends and went to Costco.  I did not, alas, buy a cheesecake.  4.5 lbs of cheesecake is a lot of cheesecake. It would take some planning to dispose of that much cheesecake and I decided I'd prefer to have fun at the movies rather than run around dispensing cheesecake to self and possibly reluctant friends.  We did have a nice lunch at Red Robin and split a milkshake and nachos.  Yum.  Much of my food today was a treat; some of it was indulgence Just Because, and not really all that fabulous.  Plus my biliary system didn't get the memo about Cheat Day.  Even without a gallbladder I still get some right sided pain after fatty food, which hasn't been a problem on 5-factor days.  

Ironically this morning I was down a couple (185).  I am making today my second rest day (though DH is laboring on the elliptical 5 feet from me) and will do my 5-F workout tomorrow.  Right?  Right!

I still want to order the funky little tape measure.  DH was game for the trial membership to Amazon Prime so we don't have to pay $5 shipping on a $3 device.

Friday, May 29, 2009


I remember this part.  

You've been cruising along for a few days and it seem SO EASY... you're planning your magazine interview in your head, charmingly explaining how you simply and sensibly lost that unhealthy 40 pounds that was dragging you down.  Well, I do that, anyway.  I get amazingly overconfident, considering I've been planning that interview in one form or another since Clinton was elected the first time. 

I've been feeling great on the 5-factorish-system which is basically Clean Eating as defined partly by Harley P. and partly by me.  I dropped 2 pounds instantly (10% of my 10%, right?) and I was feeling free of cravings and hungry in the way that I imagine normal people experience hunger, rather than the way insulin-resistant people know it-- that need to cram carbohydrates into the most efficient orifice available.  We'd inject them if it were faster.  I figure it's all the sugar circulating in my blood stream rather than getting admission into my finicky cells.   I must have some sort of bouncer in there, looking over the glucose molecules with a jaded eye.  When I Eat Like a Grownup (ooh, good blog title!), there seems to be more sugar in my cells and less in my blood.  I don't flirt with that deep-seated need for licorice nips or local pastry.  Until today when I had a sinus headache and only the BOM (Best of Men) restrained me at the local Wegman's by reminding me that Cheat Day is tomorrow and I can fall into a Costco's cheesecake headfirst and Harley Pasternak will personally shake my hand.   

So I had half a larabar and tallied my calories.  I don't usually like tallying calories but on The Daily Plate it's sort of alluring.  You get a little pie chart with your protein and carbohydrates, your fiber intake, grams of sugar (Larabars!) and all that jazz.  I also did my exercise (elliptical, weight training, core work, elliptical) which sounds really hardcore until you realize I only spend 25 minutes total.  Tomorrow is Cheat Day.  Let's see if I can find a volunteer to eat 9/10s of a Costco Cheesecake.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Me and Ben Franklin

Cranky Fitness raises the excellent point that exercise is non-negotiable component of good health, at least in mice (see today's post about the mouse study). Even Ben Franklin lifted weights-- he did, I kid you not, though I am too lazy to climb the stairs for the biography where I found this information.

Well, Ben and I have a lot in common, because I five-factored yesterday knowing that today (a grueling, deeply irritating work day) would not be conducive to exercise. Note to self to post on My Views Why Americans Are Fat. NB: our work culture is a big part of it. I am very, very proud to say that the Best of Men got up both yesterday and today to work out. I was groggy and unhelpful. I seem to be incapable of working out at 6:30 am. Maybe if I took a shower first.

I did enter my food on Livestrong's The Daily Plate, just because it amuses me. Yesterday was in the realm of 1800ish and I dropped two pounds, which is two pounds that kind of showed up at the last minute anyway-- 188 it is. I have a fantasy I might do some cardio tonight with my new ipod, but then again I might not. Back to it tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lit Review

Isn't that what you do before a big paper? What have previous authors said on this subject? Well, my diet history is respectably lengthy, going back to the age of 12 with a successful attempt at Weight Watchers followed by an even more successful attempt at anorexia, where I weighed 105 lbs at 5'-almost-8". I remember meeting a recovered anorexic at a party around that age. At the time I had no butt at all-- it hurt to sit-- and she had the largest butt I had seen on any human. I remember fearfully hoping I would not end up with a butt like that.

I didn't quite, although I regained my 20 lbs and struggled with it and a few more until I finally came to terms with myself in my early 20s. I was 145 on my wedding day which I considered a normal weight and still do. Unfortunately, after post-marital blimp-out, the death of my mother and a not-quite-planned-for pregnancy in the first year of marriage, I wound up at 195 after the birth of my son. Which didn't come off. Ever. I nursed him, exercised, ate whole foods, etc, but also ate a lot of high fat stuff and sweets. At times I have dipped down to 185 but no lower.

I admit I think it's a modest triumph I didn't gain any more over time, which I attribute (maybe wrongly) to not undertaking severe diets. If you were to look at my diet bibliography you'd find South Beach, a smattering of Weight Watchers, "clean eating," etc, but you won't find the Cabbage Soup Diet or Atkin's or the like. Mostly I've been pretty serene about my weight-- with occasional moments of dismay, such as trying on clothes with friends and thinking I would be so much prettier if I just lost 20 pounds... I remember fighting with my body and hating myself in my teens, and I don't ever want to go back there again. I'm not going to go into fits over every morsel, and I'm afraid of weight-cycling, which I suspect is bad for the immune system.

On the other hand... My gallbladder was a mess and had to be taken out. I'm still prone to bile duct stones. I have endometrial polyps which are caused by excess floating estrogen which in turn is caused by-- wait for it-- obesity. Most alarming, my fasting blood sugars have been around 105 for the last couple of years, my father is a type 2 diabetic, and as sure as night follows day I will be too unless I reduce the amount of fat on my body.

So I'm launching my public blog. I'll be out here waving my arms, possibly all by myself, but I can imagine there's someone out there who's concerned if I blow off exercise or give up my gym membership. I can imagine there's someone rooting for me just like I root for the bloggers I follow.