Do you find funny little roadblocks on the way to your goals?

I wanted to make pillow shams. I had cut the fronts too small and found I had to go buy more fabric anyway. I kept flipping my new fabric this way and that, trying to find a way to make the old, too-small pieces fit and how to make the things go together generally (I don't use patterns for this kind of sewing). It was like I didn't want to burn the calories mentally to get it right. I finally realized I had to go back and cut new pieces the correct size. After that, assembling the shams was easy and they went together in an hour or two.

I like to drink iced tea. I have a snazzy electric teapot but I don't like the put the hot water in a plastic pitcher (one of my minor phobias, Plastic Leaching. Plenty of real estrogen here, no need to supplement with the chemical kind.) So I kept shuttling mentally back and forth and then I'd go get myself a glass of water or (no!) a Diet Pepsi. Today I made myself stop and think. I used to do this all the time. What did I use? I had a metal pitcher. Aha! I found the metal pitcher, and I was able to make tea without it being an arcane process involving three containers.

These are minor silly problems and possibly just a byproduct of a lazy brain, but I realized that sometimes you have to put the effort forth to get the basic pieces in place. Then it all goes smoothly. Can anybody think of an extension to eating well and keeping fit? I can think of a few!

Reading Leah’s blog today reminds me that while I am happy to be maintaining, there is more work to be done. I'm letting unseen roadblocks keep me from where I need to go. So I'll be doing some thinking about what some of those barriers are, and report back.

Today's MIP (thanks, Cammy!)

1. Laundry (which is like eight loads of MIP, but o well)
2. 5-factor workout
3. Make Sunday dinner for all


  1. Thank you so much for your offer of support on my blog. Your encouraging comments are part of what keep me afloat.

    Day#3 of Beck was to eat sitting down. This is going to take some getting used to, but I know I have an awful habit of eating, er grazing, when I pass through the kitchen, am cooking, mopping floors, etc. etc.. *sigh*

    There's my first roadblock to dismantle - eating when it's not a mealtime or true hunger calling for a snack. I'm thinking if making myself sit to eat every time helps me stop the grazing and munching, then I'll do it. My way obviously wasn't working well. :)

    Remember the box you sent me? I look forward to fitting some 14s by the end of this year. One roadblock coming down at a time.

    Great post! We will do this!!

    Great MIPs also!!

  2. The barriers we experience are sometimes real and sometimes imagined. I like how you are thinking through this. You can do this!

  3. As someone who gets in her own way far too often, I especially appreciated this post! We do like to complicate things, don't we?


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