Why do we blog?  Lots of reasons.  But the bottom line, for me, is the reminder of what I want to do, and why I want to do it.

Getting out of touch-- slipping into sloppy or indulgent behavior around food and health-- is a form of disengagement that ends when you wake up, metaphorically, and don't like where you are.

I want to eat well and take care of my body so that I don't have to disengage from the scale, from the glucometer, from clothes shopping, from photos and hikes and all the rest.

I can have perfectly nice food and keep my weight down.  But I have to think, I have to plan ahead, I have to recognize danger situations and have a routine in place to deal with them.

So I think that will be the focus of my next few posts... identifying careless-eating scenarios and coming up with a better way to handle them.


  1. Ohhh, disengagement -- that's a good word to describe me and my relationship to my body (and spirit sometimes).

    I think of you and wonder how you are doing. I hope Spring is bringing you good stuff.


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