Thursday, August 4, 2016


That's the sound of me coming back to earth. It was going to be so easy, right? I'm going to eat moderately and the birds will sing and I will float down 25 pounds like a leaf on a whisper of wind.


My body apparently did not endorse this scenario. I am eating moderately, My Fitness Pal keeps assuring me that I will see wonderfully lower numbers on the scale, but it is Not The Case.  I've been having trouble sleeping because I'm getting hungry at night-- either not getting to sleep until I have a snack, or waking up uncomfortably hungry. Since I am not prepared to sacrifice my sleep or go hungry during the day, I guess I'm going to have to be happy about the 6 pounds I lost and not expect too much more.

 I guess the deal is that I have one of those bodies-- big shocker, really. You know, where people assume you're hitting the pastries because you're big, when you really eat less than 2000 calories. I suppose between perimenopause and thyroid issues and a long history of weight struggles including anorexia and borderline obesity, I should not be shocked that I find it difficult to lose weight. I should be grateful I am not somebody who maintains 400 pounds on 2,000 calories a day.

So the decision is, I'm going to keep eating this way because I feel good on it (except for the hungry at night problem). I no longer have biliary pain, I enjoy my food more, find meal planning way less stressful, and I don't get uncomfortably full-- those things are all well worth having.

So I'll be making friends with this body morphology. Isn't my husband's soap dispenser cool? I dragged him to Home Goods where he kindly put up with my debating all the options.  It was like something out of an SNL skit.
I am also going to work on getting kick-ass fit :)

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