So I seem to be in the same place as last summer--- I have my fabulous new program of moderation that is not, sadly, resulting in any particular weight lost from my personal body. I'm a few pounds down, I definitely like this way of eating.  My sugar consumption is down and vegetables are up. Meals are more satisfying and more social. I don't get caught chewing. But I'm not cutting enough, or exercising enough, to move the needle much. I've lost a handful of pounds (maybe five?) in the two months. But the sacrifice is so mild it feels kind of good, except when I can't sleep because I'm hungry and when that happens I'm having a damn snack, ok? So I'm going to hang with it. I'm hoping in the summer I can get more movement in and that might buy me a few more pounds or at least shift my body composition so my face is not so plump.

That's the state of the union. Sorry I don't have a tale of triumph or at least some interesting face-plant to tell you about. Next time.


  1. So frustrating to be doing the right things and not getting a big payoff! But your body is probably thanking you for all of it, and even a slight trend down is a major victory given that most people just go up and up. And who knows, maybe this will be a summer of movement and vigor! I never know when a particularly good cycle of motivation is going to hit, but they do tend to come around. Good luck!


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