I worked out, so I get to post. By the way, this marks a Full Five Weeks, so my DH and I are officially Awesome, if you don't place too exacting a definition on that word. He always is, of course. I did 24 workouts in that time, which is officially the best workout record for me ever, including when I was a 22 year old 19% bodyfat frequent flyer at the gym.

Today's bits:

1. Guy WL blogs versus girl blogs. Not always true, but I find the guys tend to give bulleted lists of instructions. They communicate in directives. Girls are inclined to run on about every damn thing they ate and how they felt about it. I, of course, prefer minutely detailed discussions about my jeans and where I got them and what size they are and whether or not they fit my butt.

2. I get a kick out of Dietgirl. She's funny and foreign and does interesting stuff but my favorite parts deal with her flabbergasted affection for her Scottish husband. Her love for him just shines through. It's so dear. Likewise Crabby and the Lobster. Clearly I like reading about happy couples. Someone needs to set Pastaqueen up. She's so cute.

3. I was reading a WW blog trying to decide if I should do anything about the Momentum flyer in my mailbox. The author started at a similar BMI and is now much, much lighter. She had a tummy tuck and a breastlift, with pictures (not the breast part, though that would have been interesting). Leaving out the fact that I can't afford a tummy tuck, and my pale fragile skin does not look good scarred, and my tummy is not all that bad anyway-- why do I feel so threatened? She had it done, she's happy with it, so be it! Sheesh! Just because I can't justify spending all that money and undergoing a general anesthetic when I have children depending on me and explaining to my daughters that I disliked my body enough to have surgery-- does that mean I'm right? Live and let live, right? I must be secretly jealous. It would be nice to have a flawless bouncy body arrive like that Momentum flyer.

4. Per Tom Venuto, I need to keep shifting stuff to Break That Plateau. Ironic I lost all my weight so far in like the first 2 weeks, though to be fair my parts have continued to shrink. For this week, I'm going easy (No!). I'm going to make a little worksheet to record my food and whether it meets 5 factor guidelines, which are, as a refresher... let's see now... ah yes! (A) lean protein (B) low GI carbohydrate (C) a little good fat (D) no sugar drink (E) 5 grams of fiber. I am confused whether I should be adding beaucoup cardio which either (1) helps you lose weight or (2) trashes your muscle and doesn't help you lose any fat and don't do it, you fool.

5. Did you notice my bullet lists? Next post I'll reflect thoughtfully on everything I ate today. When other bloggers do it, I read with interest, I really do. That's because I'm turning into a fitness Pod Person. My brother's close friend in college was this gorgeous, boffo guy who was SO DULL because he could go on for hours about his playing weight versus his lifting weight, etc etc. I do that now. I try to keep it in Blogland and not paralyze my friends. The Best of Men commented last week that he was feeling sort of vain... but that's the only remark he's made. He's just not that self-involved. 'S okay, because I'm happy to take over the rapt admiration part.


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