I was reading Escape From Obesity today which is always moving and frank. It humbles me because while my life is busy-- three kids, 2 part time jobs, house, dog, yard-- I have plenty of help (two able bodied teens to help with the 7 year old, laundry and cooking help from my husband, and my sweet and wonderful father who is with us for the summer has taken over cleaning the kitchen). I can swing a gym membership (just Planet Fitness, but it helps) and I can ask the older kids to watch the little one so I can work out. Plus I have a good elliptical trainer, a weight bench, and basic weights at home. I can afford fresh food although I don't buy organics except for apples, peaches, and salad. Geez, I should look like Denise Austin by now, right?

I remember when I had two small kids and my husband was away long hours. It was very, very hard to exercise. Gym babysitting involved a lot of tears, my two year old hated it even when I traded with a friend and would sob the whole hour. I had a backpack but I could never quite see my way to the jogging stroller. My son used to try to climb on my back when I was doing floor exercises. And I swear my body was pulling hard to remain as round and padded as possible in case a crisis in the food supply rendered me unable to produce milk.

I'm not saying it's impossible to get fit with small kids, but it's not easy, especially with the under-four crowd. It's just as difficult for full-time workers. Who wants to get up at 6 to exercise? My DH has worked 10 hour days for years, with barely time to grab lunch, let alone visit the Y. What we've been doing lately is his working out for half an hour while I make dinner. He gets his protein/carb refeed right after and it gets done, and I get to admire the results.

Anyway: this post is dedicated to the people who find ways to be be good to their bodies even when circumstances are blocking them at every corner. Hats off!


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