Gowear Fit!

Oooh, ooh! My husband got my birthday present early. I've been wanting one bad but they are $$$ for a non-necessary toy. I didn't know he ordered it so I didn't have to be waiting on tenterhooks for it to get here (I don't know what tenterhooks are, incidently. Google!) I charged it up last night and put it by my bedside so I could open one eye and see when the light turned green, ready for use. It tells you how much sleep you got-- wild. He got me the display as well so I can inform you that so far I've burned 850 calories so far, mostly in basic metabolic activities I guess since I just got up. I'm all set up for a goal weight of 171 (my 10%), one pound a week, and have to burn 2550 calories a day to achieve that. The Gowear Fit confidently asserts I will reach this goal on September 26, 2009. I'll be keeping you posted!


  1. What a great gift - I'm sure you will have fun with it!

    P.S. I always thought it was "tetherhooks" - thanks for the correct version!

  2. Larkspur, I have been very intrigued about this thing. I am anxious to see what you think of it after using a while.

  3. That sounds totally cool! Like S.B. Steve, I'd love to hear what you think after using it for awhile.

    Tenterhooks are obviously places where you hook your tenters. Sheesh. Doesn't everyone know that?


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