I don't know how you calculate the energy expended in 8 hours of amusement park, but I know I'm wiped. Amazed I had the oomph at the end of the day to carry 50 pounds of seven year old much of the way to parking lot. It was a fun day and next time for sure I'm bringing Daddy.

Dinner was eggs, turkey bacon, blueberries, 6 pecans, and a delicious, non 5-Factor piece of blue cheese because I was still hungry. About 1800 calories.

Yesterday I avoided carbs at night, tracked (it was a lot-- 1800ish), and walked in addition to a heavy workout (75 tap squats and dumbbell flys.) This morning the scale said 181 twice and I told myself, You fool, don't get on it AGAIN, it's just going to say 184! Take it and be happy! And I was.


  1. I don't know how you calculate that either. There is no doubt that you burned the calories though.

    By the way, your dinner sounds great. For some reason I have never thought of eating blueberries and pecans together. I am going to have to try that.

    As far as the scale goes, remember, it is a vicious master. Just get on it, take the reading, and go on. If you let it know it is in control, there is no telling what it might tell you. :-)

  2. I have 3 kids.

    Play is the best form of exercise evar!


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