A Simple Plan

I need to take myself in hand. There is no really good reason not to be dropping a pound a week, am I right? So I'm going to put 10,000 gigabytes of conflicting weight loss into the hopper along with a little experience and personal prejudice and see what I want to try. I'll be an experimental group of one. (The last few weeks can be the control). I don't want to change too many factors at once, so let's focus on these, just for the week, to see if I can drop below 183.

1. Log my food (food diaries are supposed to help a lot).

2. Add two hour-long hikes to my five workouts-- I can commit to that even though my days are cut up. (Wasn't there some stuff about burning fat after 20 minutes, or is that hopelessly outdated?)

3. Eat protein and vegies or berries at dinner (no rice or grains-- avoiding carbs is supposed to encourage growth hormone at night, which apparently does good things.)

4. Continue with HIIT, or at least SHIIT (Somewhat High Intensity Interval Training--thank you Cranky Fitness!) I'm not very good at it, I only manage to get my HR up to 150 during my cardio bits.

If that doesn't work, my back is against the wall. 1600 calories it is :P


  1. I think your plan sounds good. The HIIT is pretty cool stuff. I am really enjoying the Tabata Jump Rope, but it is some kind of tough. I really think the food log is a great idea. To me, it helps keep me accountable. Good luck to you!

  2. That S.H.I.I.T still cracks me up. I love Crabby's sense of humor :)


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