I exercised. Kind of letter-vs-spirit type exercise, but done, so I get to post. This morning's conversation with the scale went as follows:

Analog: 183.
Me: I stepped on you kind of abruptly there. Did that hurt? How about I step very, very gently? Does that feel better?
Analog: Why, yes it does! 181!
Me: Are you sure? Because I wouldn't want to be rough in any way. See, I can get on very, very slowly and carefully, like this.
Analog: 181. Maybe 180.
Me: I'm so glad you feel that way. I'd hate to be a bother. I'll just gently slide off and step into the next room to gloat.


PS I logged (1900ish), had stirfry for dinner (no rice), and if you can count paddling + strenuous child monitoring during 2 hours of tubing, I guess I got some extra activity.


  1. Woot is right! It's funny how inconsistent the scale can be, isn't it? Make it a great day!

  2. You have some serious scale finess going on there. Makes my method of casually but meaningfully leaning a sledge hammer against the wall next to the scale look clumsy by comparison.


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