Note to Self

Do not affectionately ruffle the hair of teenage friend of son at the gym. Uncool. There could be cute high school girls watching. He gave me such a look.

Gowear Fit seems to be ticking along merrily. I ended up about 2600 something yesterday-- definitely encouraged me to pick up around the house, play badminton, and jump on the trampoline at our friends' house. I feel badly that I am not tracking calories this week for you all. It would be an excellent test of the Fit but I am just not that together this week. My weight is holding steady at 180 without having to argue with the scale (though to be sure, this week I've been just stepping on and off without a whole dialectic). Some random Gowear tips and semi-substantiated opinions for people thinking about getting one:

1. They are supposed to be way under if your primary workout is spinning or biking. Some people put them around the calf and seem to get better results in that case. I use the elliptical, lift weights or hike, so it doesn't bother me. The burn seems a little low for the work I do in the gym (about 130 for 25 minutes of stop and start but fairly vigorous exercise) but I think overall it's probably about right.

2. Some people find they have to shoot for a higher deficit than the Fit predicts. I'll let you know about this. My gut is it's counting about right, but I'll know more soon. It's also tricky because I am not closely tracking my calories.

3. It's part feedback, part nifty gadget. Most reviews seem to love it but it doesn't do the work for you (bummer!) and it won't be completely accurate for every situation. A few people hate it because it doesn't track spinning/biking workouts that well, or because of the subscription fee (mine's about ten a month, first 3 months free). I could see after a few months you could get tired of the thing on your arm and want to take a break. It's a lot like tracking calories (just easier) because the first few days are eye-opening. After a while I could see where you'd have a pretty good idea generally and use it to spot-check yourself.

4. This thing is FUN.


  1. You are really trying to convince me to get one of these, aren't you? :-)


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